Experience value of goliaths bugged?

So I’ve read everywhere (wiki, in game tip, everywhere) that when goliaths are rampaging they get triple the experience value of the enemies they kill added to their own experience value. I usually just don’t level them up that far because I don’t want to take the time to baby them up, but I recently decided to give it a whirl and after getting a goliath to god-liath level I killed it and got a measly 2400ish experience (at level 52 in UVHM, for reference).

At first, I thought maybe the enemies I had leveled him up on had been worth so little that it didn’t add up to much, but I tested it out with a few more goliaths just to check. I killed multiple goliaths at multiple stages of the leveling up process and each time the experience value went up per stage but didn’t increase after getting to god-liath. I even kited a god-liath around for about 20 minutes and he must have had at least 30 kills under his belt after getting to god-liath but he was still only worth 2400 experience.

Was the experience stacking changed/removed at some point? Does it not apply in UVHM? Is my game bugged? My brother didn’t test it as extensively but he was saying that his godliaths were worth a relatively small amount of experience as well. Anyone know what is going on with this?

I believe the additional XP is only added for the targets the goliath kills that result in a level-up. Once you have a God-Liath, it can’t level up any more so you hit an XP cap. That seems to jive with your experience, so I’m assuming it’s the correct interpretation.

That’d make sense. I just don’t understand the posts and stuff I’ve read referring to godliaths as a “loot pinata” and stuff then. Guess I’m ignoring them for the future then. 2k exp isn’t worth the hassle and there’s easier ways to get random gear of better quality.

The Borderlands wiki isn’t as clear as it could be, but it doesn’t appear to be wrong on this:

So the “loot pinata” you mention isn’t referring to XP, but to the quality and type of loot dropped when you down them compared to a regular (un-levelled) Goliath. Although that’s dependent on the GOD-liath’s level and “badness”, it is still capped at whatever level they are on the fifth level-up.