Experienced player looking for a team for the PS4 league

Hello Battleborn community

I’ve been with Battleborn since the CTT and have loved it since. I have not, however, been a participant in any of it’s competitive events. I am very experienced and can fill every role with the exception of ranged tank. My play style is always aggressive regardless of the role I play and am looking for a team of skilled players who are also aggressive or play well on a team with aggressive players. I have the tendency to get heated and demanding when I can the match isn’t going well, but I assure you I always put forth my best effort to adapt and make plays as long as the rest of my team is doing the same.

I am an NA player. My available times to play are every day after 5:30pm EST. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends I am available any time of the day (post 10am EST) unless I have errands or appointments to attend.

One last thing: I float in between the areas of casual and competitive in terms of attitude, if that makes any difference on your decision. For further conversation please message me using my PSNID: ZercR. Thanks.

I’ll contact Oobface and get back to you.

You can find competitive players here, but at leaat going by that quote, it seems like no one’s getting in to the league as of now unless there’s an exception or circumstances have changed.

Thank you. I’d still like a group to run with regularly. If everything feels right then I’d be glad to stick with that team when the time comes to compete.

I’m not familiar with that name, but thank you.

League coordinator on PS4.

No dice. Catch you next season, man.

If you’re looking for the competitve players to play with, then I can’t really help too much. Virtually all competitive players knows each other and are friends, meaning it’s more of a friendship circle than anything else. So in that sense, trying to befriend a couple of players or two may be the best way to go. Otherwise I think it’s about making yourself recognisable.

hey zerc,
add me on psn oobface
maybe we can link up and play together if the space permits at that time…

then we can move on from there in terms of you playing league as a sub, that cant be determined until we see what youve got.

not making any promises though.
see ya round

Will do. Appreciate it.