Experiencing severe latency

The game is quite literally unplayable for me in its current state. Very noticeable lag time(around half a second) between firing shots, receiving damage, using skills etc. is insane. Worse still is when simply jumping or using the super jump, the game freezes for about half a second before teleporting me to the apex of the jump. While most other games cause players to experience some kind of rubber banding during latency, this game currently snaps users around.

I imagine most of these will be sorted when the game is properly released and has better servers running in various locations around the globe, but I cannot judge the game and its mechanics in its current state.

Likewise for me.
Did you check your ping? Its beside your name when you enter a match.

Mine is stable at 260 (and that’s bad) ping. My opponents I fought were mostly 60 ping (good ping) and I only fought with one player with 260 as well (unlucky for him, his kinda fluctuated between 240 and 260).

All the problems you mentioned can be associated with ping.
Firstly, ping is the time taken for OUR game to communicate with the server. The higher the worst. Lower is better.

  1. Noticeable lag time:
    a) Firing shots >>> due to ping, clicking the mouse to fire and the game registering that you have fired is slowed down by the communication time due to ping. Hence you have a lag when pressing the fire button.
    b) Receiving damage >>> I believe you are receiving phantom damage (meaning you randomly get damaged even though someone seemed to have missed you). This is also due to ping, other player shoots at YOU on THEIR screen, however on YOUR screen, YOU are not actually there. However server favours lower ping hence the server THINKS you have been shot and registers the damage to you accordingly.
    c) Using skills >>> same as firing shots
    d) Jumping/jump pad/super jump/extra jump card >>> this is utterly and horribly affected by ping. Teleporting is due to the server failing to register the jump and when it does, it teleports the character to where ever the SERVER thinks you are (and this location is usually not where your screen shows), hence the teleport.
    e) Rubber banding >>> this is due to varying ping (high ping still). Like my example above where the guy had 240 - 260 ping. On my screen he looked like he was teleporting around the place. On his screen he is probably rubber banding like crazy. Poor guy. Well I also had 260 ping so… I can’t help much since I’m also lagging.

How to fix
Essentially a “simple” (it’s not) fix would be to introduce lag compensation.
Lag compensation helps to alleviate all the above problems by using server calculation to correctly time shots/skills/jumps (removing a b c & d) and by using high server refresh rates to remove d & e by constantly refreshing player position which removes teleporting around.

Same problem here. This is especially bad with the railgun and the tesla coil. Railgun basically turns into a luck based weapon, while tesla coil literally doesn’t work. Even though I’m tracking my opponent well enough, tesla coil simply doesn’t deal any damage, while the opponent with better ping (around 60, as opposed to my 200) literally shreds me to pieces with it. I’ve had this issue multiple times with different players, so this likely not because of the skill difference. Opponents with similar or even higher ping seem to have problems with this weapon as well.

This leads to a question. Are there any European servers available? I know it wouldn’t make much sense to set up multiple servers around the world just for the technical test, but still. Also, these “hangouts” are obscure as hell. What are those names even? It would make much more sense to name them like “US Eastern” or “Europe” or… you catch my drift.

Hope this topic gets noticed by the devs.

I got the same problems. (160 ping or so) Shooting someone in a game that fast feels more like a Spray and Pray even with a ping like mine.
It’s a shame, since i wanted to look at the matches in general, but i had to settle with the Dojo to look at the mechanics of the game and how the weapons feel. At least ammo should be a thing, it’s so against everything in my muscles to not reload. So maybe put some ammo pick ups in some corners. This makes the people walk around and always be on the move.
The game has some potential and the two maps that are done are also really nice to look at and it loads fast, but something is missing in the game. It feels like a Quake 1v1, but the chaos of more players on the map was what gave Quake the special something. The Ideas are there, i can see that (for Example the Railgun. What a unique and great idea) but something needs to be done to make the game more engaging. A 1v1 shooter might not be the best direction for the game.