Experiencing stutter issues

Hi! Just recently bought the game and been experiencing some stutters during gameplay (1-2 second freezing), sometimes it doesn’t happen, but when it does, it happens like every 10 seconds or so. Not sure why it does, but I can run this game in Badass settings with my current rig (R5 3600, RX 5700 XT, 16GB RAM). Any fix for this?

I’ve tried adding the program to Exploit Protection and it didn’t work, sadly.


Try playing on low settings and work your way up. Also sometimes I have found that having things open in the background causes problems occasionally. Things like a web browser or even Explorer windows. Sometimes Microsoft can be idiotic. I found DX12 smoother than 11 also.

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There are a variety of stutter and freezing issues that appear to affect PC users, with an equal (or greater) variety of causes.

One thing you can do in addition to what was suggested above is go into your settings and reduce the frequency and type of social notifications. (These are things telling you when someone on your friends list has finished a quest, completed a challenge, found a legendary, etc.) This will lighten the load a bit.

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This solution doesn’t work and also you still didn’t help me after i sent ID of support ticket.

I believe I did indeed pass on the ticket ID as I said I would - I can certainly check on that. I don’t have access to any information about actual tickets and resolution, however, as I personally am not a Gearbox employee.

Will try this out. Hopefully I’ll know what’s causing the problem.

Will try this out too. Hopefully this isn’t the cause as I personally like those social notifs turned on.

Running this game on my pc, I usually have to quit to main menu, then select the character again and continue. Doing this up to 5 times always gets my game running smoothly. Sometimes it just takes one quit to main menu, continue sequence.

I am surprised not many more people have come on here to complain. I am also getting stuttering issues despite the fact that I have a system that should pretty much demolish this game. I have a I9 9900K with a watercooled RTX 2080TI, 32GB of DDR4 ram and I play the game using my blazing fast NVME M.2 drive.
Stuttering is pretty much everywhere. From opening chests to stuttering during firefights (I noticed that the framerate drops by a few FPS when either shooting or deploying my mech). It can even happen as I am walking around doing absolutely nothing. So dissapointing.

I was watching my son play his console version at 30fps and it seemed a lot more stable FPS wise. That is just unnacceptable. I have a very good system with a freshly new install of Windows so it is not a driver issue nor is it software as other software /games are working fine.

They need to patch this. But of course they won’t. They will just do an Ubisoft an ignore it until it goes away.

Some of the stuttering at least appears to be inherent to the Unreal Engine the game is built on. There’s a video analysis posted in one of these threads where multiple games all built on UE4 were tested, and they all suffer the same issue - something to do with texture streaming iirc. Original XB1 doesn’t share the same problems because it’s locked at 30 fps 1080p. It would also have lower res textures installed by default (XB1X and PS4 Pro get the 4K).

If part of the problem really is UE4 itself, then obviously fixing that is out of GBX’s hands. I’ve read on these sections that adjusting the texture streaming setting on PC can help reduce issues, so if you haven’t tried that yet you may want to look in to it.

I feel your pain man there is nothing wrong with your rig. It is powerful enough to run it. I had performance issues running this game in directx 11 game just wouldn’t stop stuttering regardless of the graphical settings I put it in switched it to directx 12 and most of those problems are gone until today now the game keeps crashing on me every time I exit the game to desktop only way to stop it is to switch it back to directx 11 now the game is unplayable for me.

The game is just poorly optimized and to make the optimization worse the game is using unreal engine 4. Usually open world games using this engine have this issue. The engine just sucks at loading assets on the go even the previous engine had this issue. I’m very disappointed this issue hasn’t been solved in the new one.

Most likely gearbox won’t fix the performance issues in this game they are more focused on the dlc content right now. If they ever decided that they wanted to fix it then it would most likely be done after all the dlc content is finished

I’ve bought the game for myself and my g.f. this weekend. And stragnely I see DRASTIC fps drops on our laptop. First my g.f. didn’t even tell me, she doesn’t care she can coop LOL.
But something is VERY wrong on the laptop side.
Asus Rog Strix Scar II Edition, Strong machine, GTX1070, I7, 16GB Ram, SSD, 144Hz Gsync IPS panel. All games work fine, no issues.
But after a few seconds like 10-20sec, the fps drops from 100-130 to 20-30 and there is a big stuttering/slowdown for 1-5 seconds… then it goes up again.

Yes I know this behaviour seems overheating cpu or gpu! BUT OTHER GAMES ARE FINE NO SUCH ISSUE! Recently played Division 2 on the laptop and no such issue! We play Warframe too on the laptop regularily no such issue! And Diablo 3.

Currently I’ve asked her to lower the details to low, and check but she probably don’t really bother (she is annoyed when I muck around on the laptop while she want to play, se rather play on low FPS LOL). But this is annoying the hell out of me honestly. On my desktop it runs okayish, not bad, on almost every settings ultra, dx12, 3k@100hz, average is 70-80fps.

Previously, I had my texture streaming on Ultra… I set it down to Medium about a week ago and most of my stuttering has gone away. There’s still a little now and then, but it’s drastically and very noticeably reduced overall. (At one point in time, setting it to Ultra had solved a bunch of stutter problems. Go figure. :slight_smile: )

I don’t have a 4k setup so the visual difference is negligible (I’m presuming that Ultra loads in 4k textures), but of course the old adage applies: your mileage may vary.

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I see that a lot of you guys are experiencing issues on these super computers lol. Well as somebody relatively inexperienced with pc gaming i bought a laptop with a Ryzen 5 3500U and AMD Radeon Vega Graphic with 8 GB Ram. The game never ran great at high settings and i didnt expect it to. I knew enough about what i was buying to take a chance.

So background out the way, i was playing with a mixed graphic settings in the beginning, lots of lows and offs to maintain my 30-60 FPS (was erratic but smooth enough to play comfortably) but then after this last update or hotfix or patch or whatever it is called(inexperience showing now) I can barely even shoot my gun with out ridiculous lag spikes on what i have now changed to the lowest possible settings.

Now AMD Adrenaline Driver software has always said that my system met minimum requirements for Borderlands 3 Play. (I take it with a grain of salt as tweaking settings in other games has had them running smoothly regardless of whether my system met minimum or not. NBA 2k20 was an example, i removed the crowd in graphics settings and it runs very well) Well back to the point now in radeon adrenaline it has changed to does not meet minimum requirements.

I dont understand how i go from meets minimum requirements and playing relatively smooth to Not meeting minimum and huge lag spikes. For whatever its worth this has all happened in the course of a month, my laptop turns 1 month old in 3 days.

I guess my question if there are no reccomendations or solutions that dont involve a new laptop or pc, do you guys think i will ever be able to enjoy this game again? Or should i try my luck at getting a refund through steam before my play time gets too high. I love this game and the thought of a refund sickens me, but im at the end of my road here.

Heya all - unfortunate to see so many having issues :frowning: my luck has been really good w/ this game somehow, with only the occasional hitch/stutter, (9900k, 1070ti, 16gb ram), however since Thursday (5/28/20) hotfix, I will get massive stutter / FPS drop when I first start using a corrosive weapon in combat. It isn’t every time, not sure if it just the weapon (venomous nemesis w/ +100 cryo) - it lasts abt 2 seconds, but figured I’d just pop in & mention it.

Which corrosive weapon?

Venomous nemesis pistol with +cryo annoint

It could be the multiple elemental effects triggering at the same time, then? You have the default corrosive, plus the red text special effect (chance to shock), and then extra cryo from the anoint.

Should be easy to test if this is the case - something that’s corrosive only (maybe a Linoge or SkekSil?) would be a useful comparator.

Aye, that was my thinking too was something w/ the triple element potential was gumming up the works, so to speak. Gonna try your suggestion to test w/ a straight corrosive ; will report back. Thanks!

One thing to try as well is to turn off ALL social notifications in the Options screen. Those will certainly cause hitches.

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