Experimental “Kaizo” Challenge!

Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I do apologize if I have not posted this topic in the category that would reflect it the most, but I’m just really eager to share a challenge that I’m taking on for the game. The “Kaizo” challenge, for those that don’t know, is a challenge or a mod that someone makes, which makes game insanely hard to beat with a ruleset that someone has. It is most known for the Mario Rom Hack, which is called “Kaizo Mario.” Given that this is currently experimental, I don’t have a complete ruleset yet, so here’s what I’ve currently come up with. Keep in mind that I might modify and/or add/remove any rules I have for the challenge.

!addcom !bcrules

  1. No Selling Any Items to the vendors. You can only buy items from them.
  2. No looting from any chests, safes, lockers, e.t.c. Only loot from enemies and piles (skag piles and any other piles).
  3. No intentionally refarming enemies until fighting crawmerax in P2, play as if it’s a normal playthrough.
  4. You can only use each vendor once. You can stock up on as much items as you want to, and you can recheck the vendors. Just don’t exit and reenter the game to manipulate the RNG of the vendors. Vendor count activates when you shoot your first enemy after use.
  5. No going into any DLC until after a playthrough is completed (completing the main story).


  1. No Minimap and no compass
  2. 1 life challenge (good luck with this)
  3. No hold button to Equip Item
  4. Turning in all quests at once that match the main story mission you’re doing. Example (By The Seeds of your pants, TK’s Life and Limb, Echo Locator, and Bonehead quest).
  5. Avoid looting from as much skag piles or any other piles as much as possible.
    For anyone interested, I’m going to be live-streaming as much of the gameplay as possible on twitch.tv/laborism
    I’ve done a test run through this challenge and got to level 13 before dying to the Roid Rage Pyscho.

If you can’t sell gear and you can only get loot from enemy drops, then how does rule 4 work? Rules 1 and 2 seem to knock vendors out already.

You can buy from the vendors. You just can’t sell any of your items.

All right. One last question to clear things up, thanks.

Does “use each vendor once” mean you can buy only one item per vendor, or can you only check a vendor once and buy one or multiple items that one time you check it?

If it’s “buy one item per vendor” then players could recheck vendors until they find something good. Just wondering how you envisioned this working out.

With the way I intended the Kaizo challenge to be played, you can stock up on as many items as possible and you can recheck the vendors in each stop in case you missed something. If you want to do the 1 item only buy as a bonus challenge, then go for it. The vendor count will only be enacted once you shoot an enemy. Thanks for clarifying these questions. I edited my post a couple times here, thanks to you.

Your second rule is questionable, in my mind. Skag pile loot should either be permissible or not. “Accidental” is too grey an area.

Under the bonus, can you explain the reasoning behind the third rule? Admittedly, I almost never use the hold to equip item function, but is there some exploit involving it?

I think if I were creating my own kaizo I would allow the looting of each chest just once and apply the same rule for skag piles. Other than that, I think you have a good outline.

This is probably to remove the drop reload exploit, which always seemed to me to be too much effort, but speed runners used it.

I agree that the “accidental” pile shooting is very grey and I might be tempted subconsciously to aim wide some times.

I may give this a try, and since I’ve 1lifed BL numerous times I’d do that at the same time.

The only thing I really expect is for this to take a lot of time. I won’t be my heedless self, I may run around, say, the Arid Badlands for quite a while killing randos to get good guns. Of course one advantage of BL1 is that good guns tend to last a lot longer than in 2 & 3.
The “grouping quest turnin” bonus has always been the way I play anyway.
I will not turn off my minimap though :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the amount of mobbing would go way up in the hope of obtaining better gear.

I recall seeing the drop-reload exploit in videos, but did not know how it was done, and, as exploits are something I generally avoid, never bothered to learn it. Thank you for answering my query.

I always turn in the side-quests in as efficient a manner as possible, so that rule of his is one I already followed. Like you, I always do hardcore (1 life) mode. I never play with the mini-map, because I have always got along very well with the compass. I have played the game so many times that the only thing not having a compass would do now is make it more possible to miss loot on the ground.

Note: the remaster would be easier than the original for this challenge due to unique enemies dropping rare gear. I always play the original, so it would be a particularly masochistic effort. At a certain point, one might as well play melee Brick and expect to never have good gear, or make a Lilith build based around DoT damage from her skills.

I don’t know if it is a challenge I want to take up. Part of the great fun of no-death Brick runs is eventually getting a Torgue Cobra and blowing everything to bits.

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Yeah, I agree with you that the skag pile looting rule that I originally had is a bit too broad to the point where it could be misinterpreted too easily and lead some players to overthinking if what they looted counts in the Kaizo or not. So, I decided to add that topic as bonus rule to just avoid as many piles as they can, in order to allow players to use their subjectivity while playing. As far as the hold to equip item bonus rule goes, I just put that in place to just add a little extra challenge, in case you come across a lot of mobs and end up finding a really good weapon while playing, even though it only takes an extra second to open up the inventory anyway. I used to die a couple of times from not having an item I found equipped when I looted it from a bunch of mobs. Plus, I’m on the Xbox, so I’m not sure how the reload cancel thing works on P.C, but I’ve seen it in speedruns.

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Ah, that is an interesting explanation for the no hold to equip. I only ever use it at super low levels, and it would not impact any run of mine regardless. That does show you put a great deal of thought into this. I am impressed by that level of attention to detail.