Experimental munitions bonus point from class mod is broken

The bonus point from the class mod does not apply, 1 point gives 10% damage, and 2 points still give 10% damage.
This has to be fixed as this class mod is utterly useless as it is.


Or the class mod allows you to save a point.


Apparently it’s not intended to boost a one point skill above one point. At any rate, it’s not useless because it still allows you to save a point to spend elsewhere.

Or if your playing a build that doesn’t go into that skill tree it would allow you to still access that singular badass skill.

Redistribution works if you boost it to 2/1 via class mod, though, so it’s just this skill that doesn’t work/isn’t displaying properly.


If I recall correctly, it worked the first week, before the first hot patch. I remember wondering if the bonuses to 1 point skills went beyond 1 point or not, and verified on Moze using experimental munitions that they did in fact work.

So it seems they broke it (or its display) on accident. Or possibly they did it on purpose but didn’t include it in the hotfix/patch notes.

Hate to bring this back up, but it appears to still be broken almost a month later. Add this to the list of Moze’s broken skills.

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The tooltip displays the +10% incorrectly. I tested this myself and the mod does indeed boost the bonus up to +20%.

The skill is not broken, the tooltip is.


Was about to post this, good to know the bonus does apply.

We need a Legendary Bottomless Mags COM that can roll with Experimental Munitions, Scorching RPMs and Stoke the Embers. Maybe Cloud of Lead instead of Scorching RPMs.

Then add on ramping fire damage the longer you hold the trigger or with every critical hit.

I think that would be fun and a good way for Moze to really go to town with high magazine, fast firing weapons and infinite ammo.


Agreed. I’d argue Mind-Sweeper makes for a good stand-in. I’d just say it makes you spec into DM as a secondary tree, to buff/get utility from your micro-grenades.

But I’d argue it’s still a BM mod in that it encourages critical hits which much better comes from guns with high mags and whatnot.


Yeah, Mind-Sweeper is definitely decent for that build, but the fact that the COM dips into DW kinda sucks.

We a need a true BM/SoR COM. Not sure why they decided to make 4 of our 5 COMs have DW skills and and not a single one fully supporting BM.

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One option many people overlook is using purple coms. The best BM boosts come with purple coms, special legendary affects be damned I’d rather specialize my builds.

The legendary effects are powerful, though, and change up gameplay. 100% extra splash damage from Blast Master is a huge boost, for instance. Healing shields is a big change for SoR Moze. Or a full duration auto-bear. Even the micro-grenades deal significant extra damage. Basic purples may specialize certain skills better, but they can’t compete with legendary effects.

Sure they can be a big boost. And so can doubling the right skills which the legendary ones don’t boost and so can synergizing passives which is a lot easier to do with far more common purple coms. The 3 copies of my Moze are currently running Blastmaster, Bloodletter, Marksman. The marksman feels just as strong as the others and can clear the same content. It’s a lot less cut and dry and it really takes building around them a lot more rather then slapping an effect onto a build but they can also be extremely good.

That’s a moze example… On one of my fl4k builds I have a purple com that doubles Hidden Machine, and I’d rather run that then pretty much any of his leg coms.

I do keep a Marskman COM myself with 4 in Scorching RPMs and 1 in Redistribution. Now that I know Experimental Muntions works, I’ll have to see if I have a Blazing one somewhere. I’m picturing a fire based build that dips down enough for grenade crits and Experimental muntions with the rest in BM.
Edit: Can’t so what I want. 2 points short. Oh well.

Still hoping for a dedicated BM tree COM.

It would definitely be very nice. It really doesn’t make much sense most of the Moze leg coms are pretty much dedicated to DW.

Unlike previous titles you don’t have to spend a point to activate the skill bonus from a class mod, all you have to do is put it on. You can put the point somewhere else.

That being said, yeah it’s probably broken.

It says 10% but the effect is actually 20% with 2/1.

The mod works. The text doesn’t. It’s pretty simple if you test it…

I’m saying this again just because people still seem to be perpetuating the misinfo that the tooltip saying +10% means the bonus is +10% when that’s not the case.


Nice. Thanks.