Expert Difficulty/Equivalents?

I was wondering if it might be possible for players to tune up their private story missions to be scaled up to a five person team with only one or two players in the party? I ask because I had a game on advanced with four other people and everyone else had died with no lives remaining, and it was the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had in the game so far. Three of the other people ended up quitting because it took me about ten or so minutes to clear the area and fine any extra lives, but one person stuck around and we were able to finish the mission no problem. I’m just wanting a much more challenging experience, even if many complain it’s too difficult, so I can train and better myself because of it.

I’ve heard rumors of a “badass” mode coming, hard to say if it’s true though.

I hope so, I just really hope the defense isn’t much more difficult, since those areas are pretty stupidly ridiculous with most characters.

It would be very interesting, but I’ve heard of good team comps ripping through missions so it would make sense.

Yeah, the only issue there is that a certain character becomes necessary to beat defense/escort missions, making it so that if you’re playing solo, you can’t play any character you want and reasonably expect to win. I’m just saying this because I played a game last night on advanced as Deande, everyone else was dead with no lives left, and it was the absolute best fun I’ve had in this game, going so far as to remind me of playing Halo 3 on the hardest difficulty, with most of the skulls on (I believe). Granted I never got far doing that in the game, but the challenge was extremely fun and that’s what I felt in that Deande game. I’m just really worried they’ll make the defense/escort objectives more fragile and make it much, much easier to get an insta-defeat. Currently the only three missions without a defense or escort part in it are the Algorithm (Terrible for any close range characters), the Sentinel (Also terrible for close range characters), and the Heliophage (Which has an annoying timer in it that leads to an insta-defeat, even if you/your team are doing extremely well).