Explain to me Frozen for Zane's skills

Does that mean that the enemy has to be turned into a full block of ice for say, the skill of his that gives you life steal when you hit a frozen enemy?

Yes. Full frozen in order for Refreshment to work.

So given all of the other health regen/life steal skills and gear Zane has…not one of the more required skills then? Least of all because it takes a lot more effort to work?

Depends on build. If you’re going for a CCC build you’re both right there and already dedicated to freezing things. In a CCC build it’ll actually help you stay closer to the top to get that skill reset.

And if you’re double barrel ccc, you don’t have points to spare for salvation at all. Donnybrook brings some regen, but that’s not the same as lifesteal. So, up to taste there.

Ah, fair enough. Just saying it seems like you have to really focus fire with a cold weapon to get them frozen, vs any other element with once it triggers, you’re all good.

Brainfreeze :slight_smile:

Does that work well too? That still requires a few critical hits to work, right?

Yes, but. It’s gonna be the whole goal of a build going that route. Honestly, especially in m4, if you’re not going for Crits, it’s gonna be rough regardless.

If you get Brainfreeze to 8/5 (I have a +4 com even) enemies will be frozen left and right. It’s one of the things quite unique to Zane.

Otherwise, the Frozen Heart and Snow Shoe shields instafreeze enemies for some niche builds


Almost forgot, a cryo hex has like 1000+ % in cryo efficiency, it’s really good at freezing.