EXPLMOZEIONS! Neonsherpa’s Torgue Synergy Build

Goal: to get as much damage as possible from low mag, high damage Torgue weaponry.

Skill point allocation


Juliet’s Dazzle, with 160 splash annointment. 22mag.

This gun has two main central build features:

Mag refill on kill
Projectiles count as splash, on hit.

This will assist MoD and two points in redistribution to maintain 100% blastmaster bonus and aiming for crits will get the most out of our 1/5 short fuse procs, which are boosted in turn to 90% by our points in SRPMs and SSB.

The build is pretty gear-reliant, requiring AOE and Assault Rifle rolls on artifact, and weapon damage and grenade rolls on Class Mod, to be M4 capable, but it’s well rounded, and provides plenty of damage output both in and out of Iron Bear. As far as that’s concerned, we get the most out of the build by hopping in and out of bear to proc the annointment for burst damage, and the dual minigun setup provides additional MoD procs to keep our mags full, while providing extra DPS and sharing aggro. Be mindful to give bear good line of sight and think of deploying it as artillery. Elevation and overwatch are key. The big boom blaster shield keeps our shield topped off, allowing bear to cooldown faster to keep the gameplay loop going. Vampyr keeps our health and bears up, and the quick cooldown can be helpful if we need to retreat to reclaim the tactical advantage. The 5% health annointment is constantly in effect due to the hop in hop out nature of the build. The boosters also keep our heavy ammo up for scourge spam. Alternatively, a multivitamin Sitorak can be used to keep topped off even faster. If I can find either one of these shields with the Brimming roll (5% shield regen while full), and the 5% health annointment I’ll consider my farming complete. Survivability is further achieved by using a last stand artifact, allowing our shields to regen in the safety of 5 seconds of invulnerability. Mine’s purple, and if I could get a victory rush version to drop with rolls like this, I’ll be unstoppable. The suffix is irrelevant, because most of them are useless. It’s only last stand that we really need.

Both shields rolled with health boosts, meaning IB’s armour is up in the 80k range, allowing it to survive a serious pummelling. The combination of SRPMs and SSB points also mean it does more than reliable DPS, allowing it to be piloted directly when more than one rocket-launching punk needs offing.

We’re relying heavily on means and redistribution to do their jobs correctly, so we’ve built some failsafes into the skill trees. Cloud of Lead, for a free shot every four and a not insignificant boost to our incendiary and splash skills, then Matched set, combined with three more Torgue guns, giving a bigger bonus to mag size than iron bank, plus we need points to get up the tree. Some for the road, which we’ll be using to keep ammo up for the first five seconds of firing giving our slow projectiles time to reach their target (also letting us spam the scourge but I digress) and Why can’t I carry all these grenades, because MoD is unreliable and it’s a good idea to keep a couple extra up our sleeve. Those two points could potentially be used in deadlines, or grizzled, if piloting the bear for longer, or getting it back quicker are a priority. The point of this build however, is to be able to fire the Dazzle as long as there is something to kill. So having a couple of spare ‘nades to throw can be useful in the times where MoD becomes buggy. It’s all about redundancy.

All this should regenerate the mag enough to hit some crits, do some splash damage, and our mag will refill when the poor sucker on the business end dies. Magic.

Speaking of splash damage, we’ve grabbed all the incendiary skills in these two trees and they will double dip when short fuse procs and gives us a tasty third damage multiplier to apply before crit damage, and because the vast majority of the game is fleshy.

Side note: I’m currently farming a 125% NTM incendiary annointment for Juliet’s Dazzle, because I suspect that may improve the overall DPS of this build. I could be wrong, but I wanna try it.

Grenade: CMT. Preferably anointed 25% on throw, but will work fine without. That 25% is nearly overkill, even on Mayhem 4. Although once the Takedown scales back, I’ll probably eat those words.

We’re boosting this grenade with PTHP, it’s a no brainer. It’s part of the MoD Redist engine, those extra crits are pretty central to the build. Decent damage output with the class mod and artifact rolls.

I’ve tried a Ghast Call also because my artifact rolled with a corrosive bonus, it’s perfect for the DLC areas and boosts our mag size by 2, which isn’t much, but every bit counts. We can live without it though, because more MoD procs is really what we’re after.

I mentioned before that I’m using Blastmaster, most of the build’s damage comes from the 100% bonus, but it’s not the end of the world if we’re forced to reload. The Class mod I’m using has a point in redistribution, which is probably the only vital skill point, the other four points could be either but the extra survivability from this one is nice. Still if the points had dropped the other way, the bigger damage from the grenades would probably reduce the need for it, by killing everything first.

That said, this build will work with both the Mind Sweeper AND Rocketeer coms. The Mind Sweeper will get inconsistent but extreme damage peaks, I saw a 60M grenade chain on the test dummy and plenty of 100k plus grenades, but it’s not really my play style. The rocketeer does less damage, but never runs out of ammo and grenades due to the second source of MoD and let’s you play more defensively, using bear to pull aggro and provide cover while you flank enemies. This kind of teamwork will make short work of the slaughters. All three class mods are solid options. Here’s photos of all my gear:

Ooft! Almost forgot about that Torgue projectile speed roll. If that turns up on your mod, it makes bursting down heads even easier. Keep your eyes peeled, it makes this gun sing. Without it, well, it’s harder, but still not as bad as a cutsman.

So there you have it. It could still be optimised with some God Rolls, and requires some serious farming (and luck) but it’s a high damage, M4 capable build, that works just as well in or out of Iron Bear.

I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts, comments and advice. I think it’s a solid foundation and a contender for one of the highest DPS non cheese builds.

Here’s some video in the DLC spoilers

Here’s why I use 8/5 vampyr, attempting to solo Wotan:

Let me know down below! Cheers!

Edit: added video. Wotan footage coming soon.


When i see torgue and explsions, i upvote. :+1:

have you considered moving 3 points from vampyr and 2 points from why can’t i carry and put them in grizzled instead? SSB increases cooldown futher. grizzled would be a safety meassure for when you can’t keep your shield topped off. i’ve personally never played around with sitorak much though, maybe it’s enough.

however, i think 8 points in vampyr is a big overkill. 5/5 is more than enough with a atlas tracker in my experience. i’d do something like this. you’d lose 14% mag size, which isn’t a whole lot in the end and if you can get 40% on relic, that makes up for it. security bear is actually great in many situations. specialist bear should give you some more damage with autobear aswell.

juliet’s dazzle seems like a fun gun though, i’ll make sure to try it some time !

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Hmm I’ll have to try this soon. Been meaning to rebuild my Moze anyway after the ion cannon nerf.

Have you looked into trying the Scoville or the Craps instead of Devil’s Foursome?

Also, laserploder only does splash damage on the rockets, not the beam. So might be worth finding something with more consistent splash damage.

Haha Torgue is Lyfe. I did consider moving the two WCICATG points to grizzled, but both shields I use, BBB and Sitorak both recharge inside the 5 sec cooldown of last stand. Topped off is bloody efficient. That’s usually enough and the overkill points in vampyr help the bear survive and keeps Moze running on a full tank. Plus those two grenades are really handy when MoD eventually breaks. That said, if I were to use a Rocketeer com, I’d do just what you suggested, except I’d put four in grizzled and one in security bear for the shield, because it’s better cover than Zane’s barrier. Good suggestions! And yeah try out the Dazzle it’s one of the best guns in the game. Absolute sleeper.

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Just want to point out that the ION Cannon nerf didn’t really affect Moze’s ability to main them in any way.


I’ve got a scoville, not anointed though. It hits 50k crits on the dummy. Haven’t tried the craps with it yet. Forgot I had one. Might see if I can farm one with an ammo regen annointment or 125 next two mags. I feel both guns don’t have the mag size potential to keep up with the build, without reloading too often.

My next build project is going to be a splash vladof build with an ogre (finally rolled a good one) and an Ion Cannon. It should work fine, post nerf, but I don’t think it’ll be anything anyone hasn’t seen before.

Came to reply to say this but you beat me to it…People underestimate the worth of a zero ammo Ion Cannon build.

…and also to say that i love explosions as well — MOZE GANG


Kinda did for my build, given 3x the ammo consumption or more. I really don’t want to throw that many grenades between shots. I don’t much like the zero ammo builds.

8/5 Helps a low armor Iron Bear (if he’s using the BBB over a Multivitamin Sitorak). Also, I’ve been tossing 8/5 on some of my builds lately… Good lord the healing is so much more consistent. Only really needed if you’re playing a face tank build, but it’s such a luxury to have so much more healing when you’re used to squeezing points into damage skills.

What bums me out is I’ve stopped using the Ion Cannon almost entirely now. I didn’t care to focus a build around it but it gave me the ability to skip To the Last. I used it as a FFYL gun and the nerf wrecked it for Blast Master. Only being able to go down 1 or 2 times and then you have to be careful not to reload or you’re bleeding out or losing your damage boost in FFYL.

Such a weird way to nerf the gun, they just stripped it of a more casual use case, and made it strictly 0 ammo build.

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Here’s why I use 8/5 vampyr:

I’ve added this and a run to Jackbot in the main post.

It’s definitely a facetanking build.

If you can find it, getting 55% Torgue projectile speed really makes the Dazzle sing. Highly recommend it.

I banked that as soon as I got it in my shift code. Maybe I should get it back out.

@roboteconomist haha check towards the end of the build guide. You’ve quoted me word for word nearly. I wouldn’t recommend it over assault rifle +31 but I would over Torgue weapon damage +10. The speed roll really helps get rounds on target. I have it on a Mind Sweeper com.

@Felixthecoach use it to farm Aurelia for a better one. It’s the splash annointment with interaction with short fuse that really melts the health gauges. Edit: it only drops in Mayhem 4 btw.

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Wait? Juliet’s Dazzle drops from Aurelia in M4?


Yep. Where I got my first couple…


Yep. Quick easy farm. Lots of shields and Artifacts too. It can come double penetrating, and in cryo too. I find the DP version hard to sustain though. It’s a small boost to DPS for the cost of two ammo. The one up above is the best roll I’ve seen. Aurelia is a fun boss to farm too.

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Cool. I handy realized that Aurelia was whom they assigned this new rifle too.

I suppose she’s as good as anybody as a dedication to find this weapon!

So the blue projectile is fires is simply a ricocheting kinetic projectile? That hits as splash?

I have one that I received in the mail. I fired it a few times and the bolt it fires didn’t look or behave like splash(no self damage when firing at feet).

Guess I just kinda dismissed the rifle too quickly.

Yeah it’s a weird one. The shot explodes at it’s full range after bouncing, but the projectile, (quite awesomely shaped like a kunai) does full splash damage when and where it hits.

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