Exploding Bee Shield

I have 1 how come my shield ramdomly explodes (have got a doggy game save) or is my game broken. I play the game legit no cheats at all .

What type shield is it? Is it an explosive Nova shield? If so, it’s supposed to do that whenever it becomes depleted (through enemy action, accidental barrel detonation, walking into electric fences, that sort of thing)

If something else is going on, can you provide a better description?

the bee sheild

The Bee is not supposed to explode. Did you get it yourself, or was it gifted/traded from another player?

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farmed it from the trees

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Are you playing as Maya?

yes I am playing maya

Are you specced into the skill Backdraft? It is a tier 3 skill in the Cataclysm tree. This skill gives your melee attacks additional fire damage and you release a fire nova every time your shield depletes, similar to a nova shield. This skill allows any shield to have a fire nova effect.

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