[Exploit/Bug] Episode 5 Final Boss

I threw together a quick video showing/explaining the issue. Thought I should bring it to the devs attention through the forums here. https://youtu.be/d1Z9fIEHcqk

Basically while using Reyna you can force the boss off the edge of the map resulting in the mission completing right away making the next few parts of the fight avoidable. You still do receive the loot, credits and bonus score afterwards.

Nice find. Maybe they’ll keep it so more people will play as Reyna.

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xD haha, doubt a small bug like that will get more people to play Reyna. <3 Reyna doe…

This boss is so easy that this become irrelevant. Except for Rendain, all the bosses are super easy, even in Advanced.

Just pointing out that its in the game, typically developers like bug reports.

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I know, it’s always nice to report this findings. I was just pointing out this is not a game changer.