Exploit concerning Deande's ult?

After playing Deande on Meltdown, specifically on Coldsnap, I accidentally stumbled upon a possible exploit using her ultimate that allows her to glitch into the enemy base spawn. I used my ultimate with my back to the their mid spawn barrier, the one located by the elite bots, in an attempt to block and stun a fleeing Pendles as I thought he was going to try and escape behind the safety of the spawn barrier. Well, after I stunned him and the ult animation finished, to my own surprise, I found myself behind the

Now I’m not sure how game breaking this is, as once you’re behind there, you’re basically stuck, unless you teleport out or die or… something. How this would benefit you and your team in a Meltdown game beats me anyway, apart from maybe creating a minor distraction for respawning enemies and it being kind of amusing at the time.

I decided to try it again to see if it wasn’t just a random bug that I somehow ended up where I shouldn’t, but I’ve gotten this to work on several occasions now so it’s not just a coincidence. After, I tested this further in private matches. I attempted to do it on some of the other maps to see if I could get it to work elsewhere, but from the ones I tried, only Coldsnap worked. Just thought I would point this out.


Do the pads heal you? Could you deal damage? Interesting find to say the least (it’s always Deande breaking the game)

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@Nemosis327 apparently knew about this glitch but never thought to use it to get into the enemy spawn (it can let you go through any thin walls, not just the spawn barrier). After the screen shots you sent last night he tried it out and managed to get into the enemy base on Outskirts. He then proceeded to fight the enemy team in their spawn, which was impressive considering that he base turrets kinda wrecked him a little before he glitched in.


Deande never doesent break the game as bad as marquis, he has wallhax

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I’ve glitched through the starting gate on outskirts with Kelvins sublimate before. Didn’t see much of a purpose other then positioning myself before the match begins.

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I tried the heal pads but they only work for the other team. :frowning: Imagine that, you could never die in there if you kept running over them. I did have a little fun tormenting everyone by hiding on that small ledge inside the ship though. And yes, you can still deal damage as I naughtily killed a Rath in there too.


I didn’t think to try it on Outskirts or Paradise because of the defences possibly killing you before you can pull the ult off but now I know that those maps work too. I tried it on Temples and Echelon but I couldn’t get through the barriers on those.

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Yeah, he was at almost no health when he got into the base on Outskirts but by using Deande’s gravity defying thighs he dodged around the enemy team and stayed alive in their base longer than he should have.


Haha, that’s exactly what I was doing. I was giving them a good chase by drop kicking everywhere and using stealth every time I came off CD. I was laughing so much as I was in there for a while before I eventually got killed by an Ernest, who then proceeded to taunt me afterwards. I have to admit though, it was fun while it lasted. The next time I tried it, @Ashbweh, playing Miko at the time, put his mushroom by the barrier to see if I could get healed from the other side. It worked and I managed to stay alive that time although there wasn’t long left of that match at that point.


I have arrived with an explanation.

I’ve known about this for months now, and acctually had a thread in progress on it, but I decided to keep it hush hush because putting the info out there could do more harm than good (and I kinda enjoyed messing with people).

This is a glitch with the camera on Deande’s ult. When you go into the ult the camera pulls back to 3Rd person and you go through the animation with the same perspective. However when you are done ulting the camera does not return to where you are, but rather you pull back to where the camera is. This results is forced backwards movement that can push you through thin objects.

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I think that this is broken as hell and makes Deande the top tier pick for any map. It needs to be removed but my incredibly small knowledge of computers and anything of the like tells me that it is nearly impossible to code out. Deande should keep it but in exchange she can no longer use drop kick. Seems like a fair trade off don’t you think?

I’m joking of course

and you you think the spawn camp is all it’s good for. you aint even seen the half of it yet :wink:

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Yes, I remember you showing me the trick but I thought it was just a one-off thing. Like @blainebrossart1 said, I would have never thought to use it to get past the spawn barriers too.

I wonder what other mischief I could get up to, just for the fun of it. However, I don’t want to get myself banned in case people think I’m hacking. :confounded:

It’s her ult that let’s her do it though. So remove that. Problem solved. She’ll need a new ult though. Make drop kick have twenty times the cooldown and make it have sound effects, boom, new ult

This has happened to me twice, both times I was stuck in the wall, once on Monuments, then Echelon. Eventually just fall through the map and die.