Exploit invincibility and infinite damage/firerate ruining the game

Look closely at how your relics are functioning especially but not exclusively with a 1 health gunner. Multiple effects can be stacked. Also damage shield can be exploited on gunner for infinite damage and fire rate. I love this game so i made an account to bring it to your attention. Fix it. It ruins the game. Also i accept loot as payment for being a good citizen.


Dude, stop. DOnt ruin good builds. It is NOT ruining the game. This is a PvE game, not a PvP.

You are not going to get any loot for being a tattle tale(Tattle tale is the word when you snitch on something that does not hurt anyone). This does not ruin the game for anyone else. All fixing it will achieve is making the game worse.

Also, you seem not to have played previous Borderlands games. Where you could kill a max level boss with the first pistol you get by using a single skill.


@zmhadlow I might have loot for you just because you tattled. Are you on PS4?

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Eh get good. CHallenge makes a game. Godmode makes coop pointless. All future content is meaningless without a nerf.


BL2 never nerfed, and it was amazing. plus, have you heard of Pimpernal/ahab, or Grog nozzle/dpuh.

Have you not heard of Slag in OP8-10?
Slag in the OP modes was required(You could not kill any enemies without it)
What you are suggesting is Nerfing Slag, then not buffing weapons.

And also, they already know. there are hundreds of videos about it.

We need all other setups to be good enough before we nerf all the good stuff. Some guns are unusable in M3.


The loot comment was tongue and cheek. I am on ps4. See you in the borderlands.

Tired of your lot. Go play a different game.

Also, Borderlands is not really a game about challenge. If you want a challenge, play Dark souls, or Sekiro(Which I have heard is a very good game).

Also, IN BL2, OP mode was not necessary. Mayhem mode is necessary, due to the loot boost.

I have said what i said. if infinite damage firerate and inVIncibility are not too broken then i am wrong. but what could be more broken?


Venting aside, is this a thing? It’s one of many game mechanic questions I have, and it just popped up here, so I’ma ask. As I type this, I can’t think of an example that would make sense, but are some relic buffs stackable?

Regardless of whether or not it could be stacked to the point of invincibility or whatever, I would still like to use this mechanic, eh, ‘normally’ as I see fit. (The Little Evie in BL2 can still to this day be stacked so you get instant action skill cooldown - I just don’t use it like that).

I have done what i could. Hope it works. happy gaming.

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it is pretty overpowered, And I am in fact open to a nerf in the future. however, Moze is currently one of the only people who can easily complete a circle of slaughters.
I tried slaughter shaft multiple times, and I couldn’t even get past round 1 as Fl4K. a moze came in and soloed it.

Once we make every character be able to complete it in around 30-45 minutes, then we can nerf moze, who can do it in less than 20. but right now, I spent 2 hours on slaughterstar, and could not finish the last wave.

Say there is a mountain. there is a 3 hour way around it, but there also is dirt road that goes around it in 20 minutes., but only off-road vehicles can do it. instead of getting rid of the dirt road so everyone has to take the long way, we create a tunnel through the mountain.

I never noticed this but then again I run a fl4k dps and siren build (where you grab people with gaint hand) but not bothered making moze one for build yet.

I have seen a moze with 300k shields. that should be nerfed later, but make every build viable first.

Remember the math. if you have all of the legendaries, and make a number system on how good they are (lets say Pre-nerf flakker is 10, and pre-buff infinity is a 2). take the mean of all of the legendaries. Say it is 5. by nerfing all of the top, you make the average legendary a 3. by buffing the lower legendaries, you can make it a 7. after that you nerf the best ones.

So what specifically is being done here though? Equip this one relic and slam a bunch of times? Kill a thousand enemies within 30 seconds?

This is how I normally play though. I may take the trans-mountain tour just to see it, but I’m in this for the drive, not the destination, so shortcuts like that aren’t my cup of tea.

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Upon reading this bit 5 people have collapsed and died of laughter.


Lol. Ruin ‘good’ builds. Exploiting a game where it is not working as intended is not a good build.


all 5 of them were kunai users

Deathless + Bloodletter + Shield of Retribution + shield with fat base.

For example I have 52k Shield without any stacks, in Slaughters I can get over 200k Shield by killing ■■■■ and stacking Phalanx buff. 200k is a bit extreme, but 80k+ is easy.

Exactly, it seems like a lot of players these days need infinite ammo/god mode to ‘enjoy’ a game and have it be ‘fun’.