Exploiters griefing the community

Hexie Lambent has forced me to put this post, but many people have been abusing this exploit too. You can talk all you want about me, or anyone’s, forum behavior… but the forum is free. It is probably a bad idea to let behavior like this continue on a demo sized game that you made us pay $60USD for. The issue? Balancing. There are many opinionated mild tweaks on the forums, most of which should be, at least, looked at… however, Ghalt needs to be re-worked, either his abilties, their CD’s, or his having 2 traps at once. When he can stunlock and (basically) one-shot anyone in the game, even tanks, and there is no “out” is ridiculous. The players (these exploiters) that know how to spec, and double trap, know that they go off separately for a double damage and double stun, and with 4 shots left they can kill anyone at any level, 1 or 10. The people best at this can go entire battles with not only the most kills, but no deaths, while griefing the community. I say “exploit” and “griefing” because I know you did not intent to have ONE character be able to 1v1 ANYONE else with ANY spec and win EVERY time (again, if played right by an exploiter, not just anyone). Your community wants to play a fair game and get beaten by a better player with more skill… not some 5yo that found some niche exploit that you never intended to be used like that who uses it just to get a leg up while pissing everyone else in the room off, including the teammates they kill steal from. So please, explain how one person using an exploit like that, pissing off 9/10 people in the room, is not a griefing violation of the ToS/EULA itself, regardless of your opinion of it as an exploit? Fix Ghalt or punish the players exploiting this… I don’t want to have to fight Ghalt with Ghalt just to have a chance. Not that it is not fun, but otherwise unlock unique characters in versus so that there can be 10 Ghalts in one game, that way eventually we would all be Ghalt always and EVERYONE would use that exploit. No? Then fix stuff please, soon.

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But you just have to juke the hook.

Did I mention that nowhere in here I mentioned his Ult? That’s besides the point, not the exploit, and much more a matter of speculation (like many ults). But them banning on here for “wording” and “context” yet not even acknowledging a clear, cancerous exploiter, griefing their in-game community is unacceptable.

The hook’s range can be widened, sped up, and extended… So, MUCH easier said than done, and any good Ghalt who knows the exploit will hit, and get the kill… or miss, at which point they try again and when it works, what then? I was still right and you still got exploit killed. IMO… either 1 trap, or remove the stun, or remove the damage.

Mine shouldn’t stun, hands down.

A mine should instead do what they’re intended to do: Heavy damage if you’re dumb enough to step into it or combo’d with it. Not stun you so there’s no chance of you getting away.

I’d be happier knowing I got outplayed when I get pulled at low health and nuked by the mine than to get pulled and stunned helplessly as Ghalt gets free headshots.

You can always stay behind a minion so he can’t pull you. Common strategy to deal with pulls in any MOBA. Also try not to use names or gamertags in post. Is rather rude.


Ghalt is a lot like Blitzcrank for anyone who’s played League; he’s very good at one thing but one thing only, and if he can’t do that one thing then he’s not really a good character. Dodging Ghalt’s pull makes him way worse for however long the pull cooldown is, and taking helixes that improve the pull keep him lackluster everywhere else. If you’re ranged and immobile, stay out of his range. If you’re mobile, wait for him to throw it and then use mobility. If you’re immobile melee (which is pretty much only Rath, Boldur, and Galilea) he’s your counter. Don’t try to fight him 1v1 and go kill a Marquis or something. Mobas (and their offspring) can’t be looked at as a set of 1v1 matchups, but as a web. You always have a teammate or 4 to help you deal with him if he counters you personally.


100% disagree, ANYONE’S ranged abaility is easier to dodge than his, an standing behind a minion? Doesn’t work if they are skillled. Also, he does just fine as an average character when NOT using hook or mines, even at range but especially up close. Your comments not only contradict each other but are presuming only one alternative option to defending against each of his abilities, “stay away” and “make him miss”? No mean to offend, but that is what bad players say. If you don’t think Ghalt is OP that is because the ones you play against don’t use the exploit.

Wait…you want them to ban people for making the most of the tools their character is presented with?

Its not an exploit when they are simply using the skills given to them. An exploit is the marquise glitch on overgrowth for example. Marquise players know they can not be counter sniped as the clipping is allowing them to shoot through walls yet pretty much every one you see uses this exploit to cheap out the game.

What Ghalt can do is not an exploit. Does it need some tweaks? Hell yes it does but any action outside of the game against these players isnt needed and its pretty childish to even suggest it.

That’s called a bug, when used for advantage repeatedly, then it becomes an exploit.

So me using range as Thorn against players to give me the advantage is also an exploit by your definition.


Raiz, you need to go read the ToS/EULA before you start commenting what “is” and “isn’t” in terms of violations… Also, read the full post, none of your quote is what I said. I said they ban on here, for less… that doesn’t imply that they should ban on there, that’s presumptuous and naive. And griefing is determined by the community and community moderators… exactly like harassment. It’s doesn’t matter what the person doing it thinks, it matters what the victim thinks/feels… and pissing off the community is then considered to be griefing. Read legal agreements before clicking “accept” and legally signing electronically.

Wrong, naive, and confrontative. Do you just want to argue? You seem to have no interest in attampting to see my point, just argue yours.

This isn’t an exploit, man.
As someone who’s trying to main Ghalt I can agree the stun is kind of unnecessary

I have legitimately never had an issue taking out an enemy Ghalt. Some people have been good with him, but I could go toe to toe with him with multiple characters. Be ready for his hook, take his trap out before you attack him. Without a stun, he’s a sitting duck. If things get hairy, back down. He’s slow, use that.

I don’t see it as griefing or an exploit, it still requires player skill to execute. Even with the upgrades, the hook isn’t all that easy to hit with. Also, think about the meta. Characters like Marquis and Ambra can shut Ghalt down.


i think all stuns in general should not exist. im all about the slows, but they need to take a look at primary attacks that slow. no ones primary attack should be able to do the only thing one of the assassins in this game even has. phoebe literally has a slow field she has to place. then she has her primary attack. that is it. no aoe dmg spots like half the characters, no crazy ult, no viable silence, definitely not a stun…

Most important thing in this game is to understand your characters limits. As thorn I never try and go toe to toe with Isic/Kleese/Attikus. The better you understand your weaknesses, the better player you will become. So far on Xbox I have only seen Ghalt played a few times. GBX are not going to hastily “fix” things that may not need to be fixed. With so many toons in this game, you have to constantly adapt to the situation. For me it is what makes the matches interesting.

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The Devs play the game themselves on all consoles and almost everytime I strolled through similar topics one of them jumped into the topics/discussions here to state their view.
Its a bit unfair to put your post as they don´t care - they do, its their game.
They invested years of work with hundrets of employees, its a bit harsh to even guess they just say “Yolo” to real problems.

Like the Gal-issue. They saw it, experienced it ingame and carefully tweak arround now. To jump in hastingly, patching things to no end is doing more harm than good. Every issue/bug/exploit has to be observed, checked and then fixed, if even possible or necessary.

If a Ghalt-nerf is necessary they´ll do it and they´ll already have a close eye on it.
(Jythri/Randy V. stated countless times that maintask now is observing every char closely ingame to estimate if the balance is good/bad/trash ect.)

Its been roughly 2 weeks since launch, patches & hotfixes have been made already, more is to come. All we´ve to do is being patient.

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Misleading title imo. I can understand a 4 second stun being annoying, but that requires time to set up and is incredibly predictable, oh look Ghalt standing by his traps maybe I need to dodge/move him/kill his traps.

I’d admit if you are in range of both traps they should both fire at once for only a 2 second stun. Is that the essence of the fix you’re getting at?

Sounds like you’ve come up against a good Ghalt player, which character were you using against this?

I’d like you to clear up for me how you define exploit? Should you look at your helix and go ‘Oh no that just wouldn’t be quite cricket if I equipped this combination and used a certain playstyle’ ? Seems to me that you should be using the one you think will be the best tactical choice. Punish players for using certain helix choices? Why?

I think the main problem you were having might be the lvl 7 +2 traps allowed thing? Not come across it very often but I guess if they knew what they were doing they could set up multiple locations to confuse unsuspecting foes.

Ghalt is only good 1v1 if he lands his hook AND lands you in his trap - not too hard to find counterplay for that unless he is the best aim in the world with the extra range helix. His shotguns are overall average for damage but I suppose if you were confident you had enough damage on the traps you could sit with only half a mag for extra burst?

Having both your traps in the same place and standing on them? AoE, snipe him, stun, silence, knockup. Have you tried Ghalt for yourself? You’ll probably understand his limitations better if you can figure out how things with work with him and what kind of things cause him trouble.

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His shotgun might still be a little too powerful thanks to stunlock=easy crits, but his traps are fine…kinda surprised to see it referred to as an “exploit” lol. And yes his hooks can be spread…but it cant be spread and sped up/reach further, its the same Helix therefore he has to choose one or the other.

Strafing and jumping vs Ghalt makes you a hard target and you usually see him lay the trap (and "invisi’s ARE actually visible) so…dont give him that angle?

Again his damage (and range w/slug Helix) is kinda obese atm, but thats about it really imo.