Exploiting gears, and potentially? how to fix it

I’m pretty sure most of you here have seen or been on the receiving end of either a single player or a team “exploiting” 2-3 legendary gears in a single loadout.
Now this has been happening to me quite a few times now and all i can say is, it kills all the fun of the game.
We’re getting their sentry down quite early, getting a huge lead in the early game but then they get their legendary gear, and oooh boy does it get frustrating at that point, Galilea alone could take down full hp targets in matter of seconds, usually 3-6, and it just teared us apart due to how much survivability she has on top of the cc.
Here’s a screenshot showing what their Galilea used to get this ridiculous near-instant deaths:

Now my approach to this? I’d like for them to put a limit for each loadout when it’s about legendaries, just 1 per loadout to stop these broken combinations from happening, it might also be the simplest solution rather than nerfing a lot of things, But I’d love to see what you have in mind to fix this.


I saw “Galilea”, and I saw the picture of that load out and I immediately started scanning through the player names for a particular handle before I noticed it was a PC screen cap.

Sorry, I don’t have much of a contribution to the meat of the topic here. I don’t personally have an issue with 3 legendary loadouts, but primarily because it’s exactly what it looks like: a crutch for bad or mediocre players. And the best way to kick that crutch out from under them, assuming you’ve got the upper hand on playing skill, is to make better use of the shards they gobbled down to make that load out happen by pressuring them on buildables and exp gain. Because having a 2-3 level advantage is far, far better than having 3 legendaries up.


I agree with you in part, but remember in a standard match gathering the 5400 or so shards required to activate three legendary items is quite difficult, and it means pretty much denying your entire team the ability to use buildables.

It also requires you to spend a lot less time in lane, hampering your team’s own wave clear and area control and thus depriving them of resources and exp.

Yes, we are aware of this, just note most of us are- in fact experienced players except that Toby but we mostly play for fun. We had a few levels of advantage and managed to get their first sentry and into their last for a short period of time before they managed to push out and it played like that until they got atleast 2 of them unlocked. their team set up was a galilea, thorn, cladarius, beatrix and whiskey, incase you wondered.

Hi cake! lol, i wonder if they’ll see this?

im mostly just frustrated with orendi: free shard generator, bolas, voxis. thats bad enough. (imagine them also running firmware D: )

i do wonder, iirc, gbx said gear wasnt supposed to have a huge impact on the fight, right? thats its intended form? aside from some legendaries and max health gear i think gear is within those tolerances. good players can still outplay folks without gear, excepting a few characters… (max health on dragon post lvl5, for example).

im hoping for some reversions to some legendaries, and or nerfs/tweaks in the upcoming changes. bolas was ok before they buffed it :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: as far as counters, heavy early game. the only counter currently is to recognize a player or team that runs that strategy, and counter it with your own early game rush, so they can never get to their late game legos.
Dunk Squad et al. has Lumberjack Go to counter heavy legendary games - get a bunch of level 1 buffs and deal some heavy damage as fast as possible (ambra dmg amp, ernest atk spd egg, montana, ghalt, etc.)

i suppose you could have a pendles try to shard starve them, but it can only go so far since minions also drop shards, it’d have to be a team effort.

I’m afraid I disagree with limiting legendary gear, as others have pointed out it comes with its own risk/reward. Some teams will deliberately turtle until they get their gear up, but I’ve seen a lot of games that have snowballed into a win, noticing afterwards that they had players with a lot of unactivated expensive gear.

Having said that, on the topic of actually exploiting gear, gearbox need to look at the way certain items stack/work. Bolas target finder is quite overpowered anyway, but the fact it stacks? (To my knowledge) That’s insanity. If it didn’t stack then you would be running a risk of using a powerful piece of gear, but perhaps having it be redundant some of the time if a teammate is also using it. Teams at the moment can reach incredible numbers by all using it in their loadouts.

Yup, the problem is that certain pieces of legendary gear are downright broken at the moment, specifically Bolas and Firmware Update. Does anyone else remember when Vigilance Link stacked and your whole team could get 1k+ bonus health? This has always been an issue with certain pieces of gear (although IMO Bolas was fine before the buff, and the buff was insanity). Also, Borrowed Timer on a character like Kelvin can be pretty stupid.

I don’t have a problem with legendary gear as a whole, or people running multiple pieces of legendary gear (it usually serves as an advantage for me). I do have a problem that certain pieces of legendary gear are ridiculously powerful beyond their cost. I personally just wish that there was a versus draft queue where legendaries were banned, so that players could get a taste of competitive gameplay in as fair of a setting as possible (no matter how you balance them, pieces of gear with gimmicks are never going to be balanced). Maybe then more people would participate (and be at the skill level required to actually compete) in tournaments.


Oh, if only we had the player base for this…

Tired of players who act like theys good yet the only thing they get kills with are orendi ultimates boosted by bola’s, voxis, lorrian… Smh, if that’s the kind of game you want to play, I’ve got one for you, starts with an O… :smirk:


I think part of the problem with bolas is the way it procs on certain characters like deandes normal fan attacks after exiting stealth or Galilea’s corruption field or mikos poison dot. Weird things like that can turn into game changing exploits that obviously don’t reflect the intended purpose.

I’ve never used Leggies much but this past week I’ve been running a free shard gen / Bolas / health regen & Attack damage epic just Cuz Bolas is too good not to use right now.

Is that feasible?

I SEEM to be getting more kills but it may just be psychosomatic…

I don’t really consider it exploiting, but it is certainly an unfortunate side effect of what I consider lazy damage implementation. Things like ISIC’s charge shot and Ernest’s Direct Hit count a skill damage and scale with it (and proc Bolas).

It’s also weird how using what we know about some characters scaling doesn’t apply to others (e.g. beatrix’s DoT is Attack Damage). This game needs an overhaul when it comes to damage classifications so that at minimum things are consistent. It also DESPERATELY needs literally everything in the game to have numbers. I was watching a friend play Paragon yesterday, and besides the game being gorgeous, every single attack and ability was completely and totally quantified. Every single slow gave its intensity and duration, every piece of damage was enumerated precisely, damage scaling was given exact values, etc. And over here, we have basically no numbers or quantification besides damage numbers on some (not all) skills (and even then, many numbers presented are inaccurate, such as Miko’s healing).


I myself never use legendaries because I felt they were too terrible. In my opinion they are never worth the cost. Me and who I play with tend to run with nearly all white gear for the sake of easy buffs and buildable exp. When I first heard about legendaries I originally thought you could only have one equipped per gearbox.

I’m not the best at suggesting balancing, but as an idea. What if legendaries were all buffed, but limited to one maximum per loadout? Or if not buffed, then made cheaper. But then limited to one maximum per loadout?

I’m just surprised we’re allowed to equip more than one legendary at a time.

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Most legendary gear is not really worth the price but a certain few are broken beyond belief and would still be worth the price if they cost 4000 shards to activate.

Push early and get all the shards. Idk why when ppl start to win, forget about shards… They are so important!

Starv the enemy to slow down a push back and gear activation.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to limit legendaries, but I would suggest something like a shard cap. Like, in order to take a load out into PvP it’s total shard cost has to be, say, 3500 or less (waved in PvE of course.)

Of course, good luck getting that off the ground. This board’ll fill up with whiny posts about how “oh I can’t bring legendaries in but those casuals PvE blah blah blah devs failed lazy blah blah…”



yepp, and THIS is the major problem, especially bolas, this item should be reworked asap, instead of limiting legendarys (if someone wants to spend 5.4k shards for a loadout, let em)

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for real tho, this changed everything about these characters

I kinda think some people here missed the point of the topic. Yes, this team can be countered, shard deprived, won in early game stage. I don’t think that was the point of the topic. We all know that some gear is broken on some characters. Specifically, in that above mentioned team combo, and that gear loadout, once you were pulled, you were dead. And I don’t mean you were normally dead. I played Kelvin. I chomped my health up to 5400. Don’t have screenshot of it, but I was killed in 1.2 seconds. Most dmg done by galilea, with a little help from Bea. Is that the way to play a game? Beats me.

I actually want to give few more examples of broken gear loadouts we encountered. Again, let’s not discuss about how to win against those teams, or what to take to counter them. I just want to discuss about bs playing this (sadly dead) game, when there is like 20 people only playing, and most of them left public matches exactly cause of this. Orendi: Bola+Voxis+5 ringer discount. Reyna with 5 ringer discount. At least one more rogue in team with same, usually Shane. Shadowpillars every cca 2 seconds, ult every 10. We did annihilate them in beggining so they didn’t even activate that gear. But people, why do you play like that, is it really that you can’t win even against newbies that you have to try to pull that bs? And yes, veteran players will punish you for trying to pull that on them.

Second example: one player using Starkweather’s oscilator on Phoebe. It’s a recoil legendary gear. Yes. Recoil. Special gimmick: your attacks charge your shields for 15% of the damage dealt. For those who maybe don’t connect why would Phoebe do that, after lvl 6, mutation which allows you to teleport once again once your shields are depleated. So he teleports somewhere, attacks till his shields are down, teleport, attack a bit, teleport…rinse and repeat. And combined with lvl 1 helix of increased movement speed after teleport…imagine how that looks. Again…yes, easily counterable, not the point of saying this. Why? I just want to ask people…why play like that?