Explorer achievements/trophies

So I’m wondering if there are areas that doesn’t hide a part of your map, and uncover it when discovered? By this I mean that in Arid Nexus, Sawtooth Cauldron and Eridium Blight I have uncovered all of the map, but do not have the achievement Blight Explorer. Can anyone confirm? I notice that doing all side-missions forces you to visit most of these of-the-road places you wouldn’t necessarily visit otherwise, but not all.

Hmm, I recall it unlocking when all the blank spaces were uncovered. Maybe post some screenshots?

Key places it’s easy to miss… Infested Grotto, the bullymong area under the road down from where you enter Eridium Blight, and Avie’s Camp in Sawtooth which you drop down to from the buzzard’s nest.


You have been to Avie’s hidden camp in Sawtooth yes? Easily missed (a lession well learned!) and accessable from the South West? of the the buzzard tower platform!


This^ You can easily miss these two and think you have the map filled in. Zoom and and look very carefully though, and you’ll see very small breaks in the outlines.

Nice! Avie’s camp was the last one! Achievement unlocked :smiley: Thanx guys!


Haha, okay so I just unlocked Highlands, as well as World Traveler, so won’t be any further problems with this! :wink: Yes!!

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