Exploring out of bounds areas in BL1

Let’s post some out of bounds pics. I’ll start off with driving and launching off the Craw descending ramp. Nitrous boost and barrel roll aka Senate Charge off it

Died when I reached the Ajax opening area. Assuming that the dead zone runs somewhere along that line


Very cool! No pictures to share, but tips for doing it:

  • lots of grenade jumps in Krom’s Canyon can get you to some cool places.
  • on PC, go into WillowGame.ini and search for DefaultGravityZ=-500, change -500 to a smaller negative number to weaken gravity and make things really stupid.

My favorite was grenade jumping into the power plant in earls scrapyard. I’ve always been mildly obsessed with the power plant. I bet you dollars to donuts it was originally intended to be a separate map area. Perhaps another boss like sledge. It just looks too well planned out to be background. But It was scrapped and they just put that wall around it.


Well I keep trying to replicate rolling off the edge from the spiral road to Craw and I keep failing. I also have pics of an out of bounds area where I flew up to the high road and ended up driving behind the road outpost on the way to Craw. Too lazy to transfer them from Xbox for now