EXPLOSION NOISE! And other great sounds of Borderlands 2

I’ve been meaning to make this thread for a while, but haven’t (until now)

You may find this stupid, but:

What are the best sound effect(s) you’ve heard while in the Borderlands?

For me, it’s the sound overlap when you hit something multiple times with a Bee and Conference Call. It’s just so satisfying! Others include Money Shot proc and The Bane being fired continuously.

So, what are your favorite sound effects from the game(s), or what gun sounds do you love hearing every time you fire it?

The sound of the elements, in particular shock.

Unless I got confused with BL1.

Sounds of some of the e-tech weapons.

That sound you hear when you get a Second Wind…

“Bye now!”

It’s so damn cheerful it makes me happy.

Do you know what that sound is?

The sound of Claptrap Beatbox time

I love that sound, but not the rest of sanctuary…

  • Bore proccing
  • Bore proccing against Hyperius
  • Re-loading a Lyuda or other Vladof sniper

The satisfying CHIK-CHIK sound after taking a shot with a Jakobs sniper.

Midgets melting.

Goliaths having their helmet shot off.

The fast travel noise.

Axton’s turret whirring while scanning for more enemies to kill.

The sound of fragging a Spiderant, especially those little ones… great crunch/crushing sound.

[quote=“UntilValhalla, post:8, topic:379305”]Goliaths having their helmet shot off.[/quote]The ping of the helmet or their angered rise in lucidity? Answer: yes to both!

Both. ^o^

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby, I love it when that frame-rate drops!

And sorry about the double-post but I think it fits as an example of what sound is not so great…


Whenever Axton’s Grit kicks in. CLANK

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How about the noise the Warrior makes when he emerges from the lava?

That’s such an insane sound!

the bee ping.actually miss that sound when playing other games

…was rooftop sniping in Opportunity the other day, and I snuck up on a Surveyor lurking around one of the buildings. Their idle sounds are pretty slick.

anytime Torgue talks or says the word EXPLOSIONS


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Rats as they get shocked to death.

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All of CL4P-TP’s dialogue in the mission involving freezing bandits. “Hey bandits! Freeze! Hahahaha!” “HOW ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING THAT WAS F[CL4P-TP self-censored] GOLD”

maya’s kill giggle/snort.deathtraps purrrrr

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