Explosion or Grenade damage relic?

Sorry to keep asking you questions, but you seem to be crazy knowledgeable about all things Borderlands. If I got a hefty Avenger with Slag, does the slag on slag damage get any boosts or reductions in UVHM? i dont planbon switching weapons. also, would the thrown projectiles amd explosion inflict double damage on the slagged enemy?

There is a relic that boosts grenade damage?

There is no grenade damage relic. May I suggest also changing one of your former threads to a general question thread to avoid having so many threads.

Only TPS has relics (OZ kits) that boost grenade damage. No such piece of gear exist in BL2 unfortunately.

BTW, elemental damage relics to match the element of the area you are in will do loads for your damage. If you are maining explosive weaponry, use an explosive relic. If you are using other elemental weapons with splash damage, use the appropriate elemental relic.

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How do I do that? It sounds like a much better idea.

Just edit one of your threads and change the title to something like: general Axton questions or general questions
Than just ask all your questions on there.
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