Explosive Axton Build

This is probably a popular topic in the Axton section but I would just like to ask about this build since it does have its differences in comparison to other builds I’ve seen.

Assuming that explosive also means using explosive grenades, why not put the point you have in Laser Sight into Grenadier?

Almost the same build I use.

I have the point in laser sight so that I can see where my turret is aiming and potentially lock onto that target since they’ll be slagged. And I don’t really know what grenade I’ll be using yet. Still farming for good ones and will test them all.

Nice! Yea I’m trying to test out Mag-lock and shield some more before I decide if they’re even worth it. In some cases they seem to be but in others it’s a hindrance.
If I removed points from them they would be put in Expertise probably.

Really depends on the com your using, I use the legendary ranger. With as much as you get off the class mod and the 5/5 in willing not to mention the shield boosters dropping from the boom blaster don’t really need pressure quick charge or healthy. But that’s what I run, as well as using nuke for that extra explosion and enemy knockback.

try fastball