Explosive Cryo Clappy w SHBP - Keep Kllling Myself

Hey guys.

Fully specced into Explosive Clappy for the first time ever.

Using Avalanche, Flakker, Too Scoops, and Sticky Homing Bonus Package.

So powerful, but i find when i am up in the thick of things, i keep dying from my own explosions.

Any way to combat this?

seems like it’s the bonus package that you’re killing yourself with - wait til all volleys of grenades are done before charging in, or don’t throw a bunch of them at once. I know how tempting it is to chuck 20 of them out at once with a bomber oz kit since ammo drops are tweaked to replenish them.
No amount of explosive/damage resist will help you in this case.

Sounds about right.

Thank you!

Use it to your advantage!

Blue Shell, Best Buds 4 Life, Livin’ Near the Edge, Kick Him While He’s Down, While He’s Up, Second Wind by Tediore. All these skills pretty much revolve around FFYL.

and when youre in FFYL and youre fite rate and reload speed is buffed up insanely, it becomes ways easier to maintain load and splode stacks, as well as up your one last thing frequency.

Using killbot, any mob that you can kill without the extra FFYL buffs keeps you alive and then when you come up against a badass, go crazy and run in while throwing your grenades if youd like, if you go down you just kill the badass faster.

and you have the luxury of extended FFYL time, which will up your survivability a lot.

planned obsolescence

Just don’t use the BP, use some thing like the “stop shooting at me, and go there pls” grenade, aka. the Quasar.

Thanks for the tips, guys !