Explosive damage? What?

Is it true that these things basically do twice the amount of damage on their card, with the exception of AR, who do 90%

Shotguns have 85% splash damage.
Pistols have 100% I think.
ARs have 90%.

Same with Maliwan pistols and snipers, which have 80% and 50% respectively.

This thread has a list of all the weapons of splash damage, and the mechanics of splash damage. Hope it helps.

Thank you! How are explosions not insanely overpowered and used by everyone?

They are very popular for Axton and Krieg, but the benefits aren’t as great with other characters like Zero and Maya since the splash damage doesn’t count towards critical hit damage, and they get better use out of other weapons.

Axton and krieg use them the best. But everyone else can use them since there good on there own without boost.

I’ll venture another suggestion on that: fire rate for explosive weapons is often lower than equivalent elemental and non-elemental weapons. Explosive weapons also tend to have slower projectiles, meaning that they’re tougher to use on fast-moving enemies. @boombumr is spot on that other characters get more boosts from their skills to other types of weapons, but I suspect in many instances players early on compare card stats, try a weapon or two, and say to themselves “Nah, too slow!”

That said, I’ve had some amazing blue Torgue ARs and pistols in my recent NVHM play-throughs, and everyone and their skag knows about the DPUH…

Gaige has a whole tree dedicated to increasing her shock and electrical damage.
Zer0 can wreck face with the Bekah and the Pimp and B0re. Neither weapon come in explosive.
Sal doesn’t get any explosive boosts and NE weapons fire faster.
Explosive does less damage against shields or armor.
Explosive doesn’t generate DoT like fire, shock, and corrosive do.
Explosive doesn’t increase damage dealt like slag does.

Explosive is great, but it isn’t for every character.

It does 100% damage to flesh and armor, but only 80% to shields. Non-elemental is the one that does 20% less to armor.

Right, right. But they also don’t do extra damage to any target, unlike fire against flesh, shock against shields, and corrosive against armor.

Techincally, it does X2 to any non-shielded target :wink:.

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Out of all the different flavors that items and weapons can have explosives are the jack of all trades, stronger than none type of bonus. While explosive weaponry are only resisted by one, maybe two enemies they do not do bonus damage to certain enemies like what shock, corrosive, and incendiary do.

Also most explosive oriented weapons are ammunition hogs and if not used conservatively can eat through a person’s ammunition very quickly. The most powerful explosive weapons tend to use up a lot of bullets per trigger pull with the exception of the Ogre but that thing makes up for it with a rather high fire rate.

If I remember correctly explosive weaponry cannot score critical hits as well but I could very well be wrong. I do know that Jakobs cannons will ricochet off of critical hit locations and the Seeker is impossible to land critical hits with.

Explosive weaponry is great but is not the best or perfect.

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Only the splash damage they have can’t crit and the same applies if they shoot pure splash damage. But the main bullet can crit.

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See what I know.

Watch till I kill Hunter Hellquest. Rakks don’t have crit spots anyway to my knowledge.

I jumped the gun, I apologize for that. It has been a very long time since I used Torgue so my knowledge is a tad rusty. I was hoping to fix my mistake but I was caught red handed.

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You’re partially right, Troubled: any weapon that shoots a rocket and/or a grenade as a projectile cannot crit. But regular Torgue weaponry that shoot gyrojets can crit, but unless you’re close, it’s very difficult to. The Seeker doesn’t crit because of its homing projectiles, but if you can get close enough to where they won’t home in, you can crit with it.

Because of the splash damage. Technically speaking every explosive weapon, which just happens to encompass every torgue, has close to 100% splash damage. So really, every explosive weapon does about 2X the damage listed on the card to non-shielded targets.

Kind of. Unless it is a Torgue barrel AR, rocket launcher, Seeker, Carnage, ect…

Or cases where it does more than x2 like the Flakker, SWODSPLOSION!!!, Harold, ect…

I just mean to say that explaining it that way can be confusing for the newbies. At least it would have confused me 2 1/2 years ago.

Even then I don’t think it can crit. (Except on Crystalisk… maybe)

Does anyone knowvif the Avenger gets its grenade buffs during all projectiles when thrown, or does it have to be a totally full mag?

According to the wiki page, when the Avenger is thrown:

Only the final explosion is affected by the remaining bullets and is
also affected by gun, grenade, elemental and amp damage bonuses unlike
other Tediore weapons.

Assuming the wiki page is accurate, then the grenade buff would only apply to the final explosion and the magazine would not have to be full for the grenade buff to be applied. However, more remaining bullets = more damage.

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