Explosive damage? What?

Because of the splash damage. Technically speaking every explosive weapon, which just happens to encompass every torgue, has close to 100% splash damage. So really, every explosive weapon does about 2X the damage listed on the card to non-shielded targets.

Kind of. Unless it is a Torgue barrel AR, rocket launcher, Seeker, Carnage, ect…

Or cases where it does more than x2 like the Flakker, SWODSPLOSION!!!, Harold, ect…

I just mean to say that explaining it that way can be confusing for the newbies. At least it would have confused me 2 1/2 years ago.

Even then I don’t think it can crit. (Except on Crystalisk… maybe)

Does anyone knowvif the Avenger gets its grenade buffs during all projectiles when thrown, or does it have to be a totally full mag?

According to the wiki page, when the Avenger is thrown:

Only the final explosion is affected by the remaining bullets and is
also affected by gun, grenade, elemental and amp damage bonuses unlike
other Tediore weapons.

Assuming the wiki page is accurate, then the grenade buff would only apply to the final explosion and the magazine would not have to be full for the grenade buff to be applied. However, more remaining bullets = more damage.

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yea but some teiodore weapons when you throw it it ait that accurate it’s bad being a teiodore weapon like teiodore plasma caster goes way off your target. Accuracy and projectile speed also plays a lot in teiodore weapons


  • Their throw reloads are very accurate. (Except launchers)
  • They have pretty good accuracy
  • And good projectile speed

Tediore weapons aren’t the most amazing things out there, but the things you’re accusing them of aren’t really true.


oh must have bad variant then haha it’s a refill. Now I know why. It’s too fast reload you can’t aim it right

Tediore weapons will always have a really fast reload speed no matter what. That’s their thing and one of the reasons Tediore chucking works. As a matter of fact, Refill is one of the best prefixes you could ask for right next to Hefty, precisely because it makes the reload even faster. Improving the weapon’s shooting accuracy and stability doesn’t do much (if anything at all) to improve the throwing accuracy and I always found them to be pretty accurate either way. Out of all the weapon types that Tediore makes, SMGs are probably the easiest to hit enemies with the reload. I have a feeling the difficulty you’re experiencing could very well be just a case of lack of practice. Throwing your gun at the enemy instead of shooting it is still a very unusual thing, after all.


I have a Tediore plasma caster that suffers from the same flaw you mentioned above. For some reason, the throw has a ridiculously high arc to it. It’s sailed over multiple enemy heads. I don’t recall ever having that problem before - certainly not with Tediore shotguns, for example.

I wonder what dictates the arc of the throw on these things? Accuracy, maybe?

Does slag on slag damage get any boosts in UVHM? I dont plan on switching weapons after. also, would the Avengers thrown projectiles amd explosion inflict double damage on the slagged enemy? By the way guys, thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

Slagged enemies take 3x damage from non slag damage. I think it’s 2x for slag on slag

It’s a 50% increase, so 1.5x.

Thanks, never used slag on slag myself.

That is crazy! So a heft Avenger with slag is the way to go for pure damage against all enemies? Way better than nonelemental?

I’d slag them with another weapon then either use a matching element or none depending on your character.

I’d go matching element avenger if you have it. If not use what u have. If it’s matching element slag with a grenade or slag and swap to avenger.

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I’m pretty new around here about 6 months. But thanks