Explosive Element

Abit of a noob question but how does explosive element really work? How much damage/crit damage does it add and/or stack and does it increase bullet splash radius?

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That’s a very good question actually, and one I can only partially answer for you. Explosive is weird in bl1. First of all, the explosive accessory decreases the base dmg of a weapon, (other than the legendary exceptions) although not as much as the other elements. The wiki does not seem to explain this but I do know for a fact that I’ve had 2 of the exact same Maliwan smg…except one shock and one explosive …and the shock had about 170 dmg and the explosive about 200. So whatever that is. Then there’s the multiplier and tier… (blast detonating and erupting) which do not always line up. (Meaning that a gun can have a x4 but be either detonating or erupting depending on exactly how much tech it has)…confusing yes? Then there’s weird guns like gambles that can have a x4 but still have the blast prefix. Idk about that one. Anyways…so yeah …explosive takes some dmg away and then adds more back lol. So the question is…explosive or nonE? Well that largely depends on the character and the weapon type I guess. Not all weapons actually have a greater blast radius despite the high multiplier. Revolvers and snipers will actually produce large explosions that can hit multiple enemies. The other weapons seem restricted to x2 or x1. (For example , I’ve never seen my x4 detonating bitch do what a x4 Maliwan revolver can do)… also brick…with his ability to buff explosive dmg…may do better with some weapons that you would be better off using nonE versions of on other characters. I do know that typically explosive smgs, combat rifles (the ogre aside) and shotguns (the crux and hammer aside) seem kind of lame. Especially against lance. Repeaters do a little better due to all the free proccing. Anyway…thats all I got.