Explosive Krieg healing?

So I just picked up a UH from a chest, and I wanted to transition into an explosive Krieg. I have various good explosive weaponry in my pack as well (triple-barreled Torgue shotgun, Tediore PC)

My only question is healing. How will I heal without the benefits of Elemental Elation? What would be a good skill build for such a playstyle?

An explosive Krieg should rely on RtB for healing. Here’s the build I use with a DPUH, RR, BoA, and a leg. sickle. I rarely go down, and when I do, I generally get back up quickly. Your mileage may vary depending on your level.

That looks good. I’m currently level 57, so I might invest fully into a Mania/Bloodlust tree for both capstones.

RtB as healing–how does that work? Wouldn’t that mean I would constantly stay in RtB since the damage is so high? What’s the strategy here? Is there any gameplay footage of this combination I can view?

Actually mate, it’s more about exploiting the value of the instant health.

Short RtBs that maintain stacks are better than a minute long rampage.

When you run in to trouble you can RtB, providing you with 3 seconds of invulnerability and enough time to find cover if available or to regroup in circumstances like Raids.

Pete’s bar on OP 8 using the spec I posted earlier:

Hey Gulf. You ever try the Slagga/Fastball combo?

I love it.

I might if I ever go Hellborn again. Right now I rarely stay out of RtB and I like my Torgue weapons too much. :love_letter:


I’ve got myself a Slag Crossfire. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE IT. It’s just that I find myself running in to slag or over slagging already slagged creatures.

When the Missus uses Converge, I’ll just toss a Fastball at the phaselocked target (often setting off a Bloodsplosion chain).

I know you and Mrs. Gulfwulf play a Psycho/Siren combo as well, so I was wondering whether you ever tried that method.

No, I just throw out a SF and she either throws a Quasar into the mix, or uses converge to spread the love around. :wink: We generally play along with Gaige, so slag isn’t usually an issue.

An SF and a Quasar? Damn bro, you have to hang an epilepsy sign next to your TV screen if friends come over.

It can get pretty hairy, but we’re all on PCs, so separate monitors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video bro.

My build is similar, but have some points on Hellborn for resistance while burning, a Leg Reaper and a Blood of Seraphs. I may fall down a couple of times but it is nice to see te whole world exploding xD
Grog/Carnage/DPUH/Fire Norfleet.

@BL2_Player If you decide on Mania-Bloodlust healing can come from two different sources: 1) Full heal with melee kill while in Rampage; or 2) Thrill of the Kill which is a percent of Overkill damage converted to healing. Thrill of the Kill is redundant in melee builds but in terms of gun play in a Mania-Bloodlust spec it is really your only source in the two skill trees. If you want to emphasize more melee action, then go Legendary Sickle. For more gun action, then go Legendary Reaper or Crunch mod. Both can use the same spec unless you go into Hellborn then you have some more decisions to make.

That being said there is also no reason you can’t use Unkempt Harry with Hellborn and still get the benefits of Elemental Empathy. Stack DoT with a Fire or Corrosive weapon then swap to Harry to get the kill.

Just letting you know that your link isn’t working. For whatever reason when you copy and paste a link it replaces the # with %23 in the URL. I noticed this in my previous post so check and see if that’s the case with your link as well.

Yep, that was the issue. Thanks for the head’s up.