Explosive Krieg

@Gulfwulf I tried to look at the Grenadier EXPLOSION Krieg from the Master Build List but the link was broken, Any way to find it? Im curious if it matches the one I use.

This one?

If so, here’s the build

as a side note, this is pretty similar to the build I posted a couple days ago, and holy ■■■■ aparently I contributed to that build?

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some other tweaks I recomned to your build:

  • you only need one point in thrill of the kill, espcally if you’re using the L.reaper COM
  • salt the wound is pretty bad in this kind of build becasue you lose all of your stacks when you hit max health
  • reedem the sould is highly recomended
  • you don’t have to take StV, but it’s really nice and makes your melee’s actually do decent damage at op8

Also, if you read that thread where i suggested the rapier, that only works at 72, to get that build to work you have to be way to squishy for op8.

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Fixed it. I had forgotten to fix the links to the old forum. :dukefp:

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