Explosive Punctuation/Cooldown Reduction seems broken

So, I noticed that with my Bear Trooper COM, 5 points in Grizzled and 5 points in Explosive Punctuation, I was spending a LOT of time outside IB. So, I went to the new Jack dummy to test things out.

Using IB, letting it run the full duration and getting out, it took around 2 min and 10 seconds to recharge without doing anything. This is with a Rough Rider shield that has a 20% cooldown reduction after using my action skill. It did nothing.

Shooting the dummy with Ogre and Laser Sploder not only didn’t reduce the cooldown, but INCREASED it to 2 min and 45 seconds.

I’m not sure if Grizzled is broken, too, as I haven’t tested it on mobs yet.

Edit: After restarting the game, removing Mayhem mode and restarting it, it all seems to work again. Not sure what caused the glitch, but it seems to be working ok now.


I’m pretty sure all ability cooldown perks are currently broken.

The Guardian rank for improved cooldown is also broken

I hope not… currently have 7 points invested between grizzled and explosive punctuation