Explosive resistance shield?

Is there a variant? I’ve had then with resistance to other things.

I’m thinking of something to counter a love thumper for teammates.

It’s called Blast Proof, and it reduces the damage done by explosive, but your not immune to it, since other resistances are DoT immunities.

So is there no teammate immunity to the Thumper? Aside from staying away?

No, sadly not. If you want to use a safer roid shield, use a Hide of Terramorphous.

If you’re playing alongside a Siren, have them spec into Thoughtlock which negates the Love Thumper’s friendly fire when you melee the Thoughtlocked target. If they run Sub-Sequence too, you can just follow the Thoughtlock bubble from target to target.

Very interesting…

I do play alongside a siren. I might have to give this one a try.

If I may be so bold as to suggest a build for your teammate (with Legendary Binder). You’ll have to pay close attention to the Thoughtlock bubble as it isn’t as apparent as standard Phaselock and it sits on the targets head.

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We just hit 61 so it will be a moment before we can try that build. It looks like it could do some serious damage though.

Level 61 in that case (my preference). If you absolutely need Res, then this and have them slag with a Slagga and Crossfire/Bonnie until they can pick up Ruin.

That second one looks nice.

Yeah, Res is a necessity. We’ve got some decent slag weapons. No Slagga yet though.

Florentine (2nd option: Chulainn is usable if you slag and swap real quick) or Slow Hand (2nd option: Bandit Splasher Blashter) are good options too.