ExploZane, as simple as powerful

Barrier + MNTIS build that uses Anarchy + Stinger synergy, providing extremely high damage output and very easy to use at the same time.


Does popping those Tediore reloads with the MNTIS give them more damage? I mean, this looks fun anyway, but what are we looking at here? Is that unique to the Anarchy?

I believe there can be some interaction cause both sphere and MNTIS benefit from 300/90, but it’s hard to tell for sure

You sir or madam are a genius mad scientist and you’ve just given me the solution to a challenge I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to overcome! :grin:


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Check video description on Youtube :wink:

Thanks to you, mission FINALLY accomplished! I took some of your gear and modified the build and now I FINALLY have a gun build (technically speaking :grin:) that can clear Trial of Fervor in under 5! :partying_face:


Why did you swap Stinger to Frozen heart? Stinger is a part of main synergy in this build it gives you fast ammo regen, procs Ground breaker, allows you to explode orbs at very close distance and kills everything in close range, also you can use Cutpurse Static charge which will proc Seein dead with chains
Also, when you swap Anarchy it looses all stacks and it’s a lot of damage
Also, I think Fervor is not the best place to use Antifreeze, too small, not enough space for constant slide’n shoot

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Because I learned/realized that damage wasn’t the bottleneck for sub 5. Sprint speed was. I ran it a ton of times with the Stinger and like you are saying, it is a better murder machine. But!

Killing enemies faster in Fervor doesn’t cause them to spawn any faster. It’s movement (i.e., moving into an area) that affects spawn rate. Additionally, many precious seconds are wasted moving between the zones on the map and I didn’t feel like pausing and swapping to a Snowdrift to address that crucial issue.

I am aware of this but again damage wasn’t the bottleneck for this speed run. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Plus, the stacks required to one shot badass enemies in Fervor accumulates so fast that I found the trade-off worth it. The only thing to watch out for is entering the boss fight with enough stacks and rounds to one shot the boss. I didn’t quite do that in the video so the kill was a nail biter in terms of the clock.

I hope I’m not starting to sound like a broken record, but again, it’s not about damage. The point of the Antifreeze was movement speed and one trick in particular was to use Trick of the Light to trigger the new behavior that Antifreeze got in the Oct 8th patch, which is to increase movement speed by 100% when Zane takes cryo damage.

So once I removed the movement speed bottleneck I needed to make up some of the difference in damage lost by not using your original setup. Antifreeze plays a crucial role in that because it allows me to better exploit the synergy between Violent Violence and Violent Momentum via Fugitive and the skills that the Antifreeze boosts.

I’ve been repeating the phrase, “damage is not the bottleneck”, but I want to make sure you understand that I’m ONLY able to say that because the core insight of your build (Anarchy + MNTIS sploading the thrown Anarchy + jack grenade damage through the roof) is f*cking brilliant and über powerful! Because of this fact I was able to jettison a ton of damage and still manage to one shot anointed enemies, thus making sub 5 possible. So nuff respect!


OK, I got you
but why don’t you use Speed demon then? Too much?

This guy Fervors.

Though I do strongly miss speed demon, speed demon means Mayhem 10 and I’m sooooo done with Mayhem 10! Mayhem 11 is part of the reason I’m back playing the game.


Turned out that Anarchy + Stinger combo for ammo regen doesn’t require enemies around
Seems like exploding orbs with Stinger nova, procs Cutpurse, for some reason
I replaced Stinger with other shield and regen has gone