Extend the Cartel Event an extra 2 weeks

As we all know ever since mayhem 2.0 was released, there was many changes which resulted in game breaking issues with the game. The Cartel event came out at the same exact time and is a limited event.

Some players weren’t even able to play due to game breaking bugs which caused freezing and crashing every 10 minutes. It would be frustrating for those people to try to farm limited weapons such as OPQ and yellowcake for only the week and a half the event will last.

On top of farming the weapons, also get the right annointment. Alot of players love the cartel event and dont want to see it leave. I definitely understand that but that’s not realistic, but for those who had issues playing the game I can understand if Gearbox extending it another 2 weeks to let affected players farm.


The Revenge of the Cartels event isn’t going away until June 4, which is two weeks from now.

There is a Guardian Takedown event coming in a week or so.

DLC 3 is also a month or so away (speculation). There’s a Borderlands Show tomorrow with official information about when and what that would be.


@joechung I just think they need to extend the cartel event until the new takedown atleast. Many users haven’t been able to play the game this whole time the event been going.

I don’t think extending it is gonna change much if they haven’t been able to play currently I don’t think thats gonna change 2 weeks from now but I won’t complain about the event lasting longer.

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I mean this is all 100% reliant on the fact that Gearbox ACTUALLY fixes anything first. Gotta say my expectations of them getting this mess under control in a timely fashion isn’t exactly high atm. They’ve had weeks to remedy the drops issue and they said they had each week and yet here we still are with horribly broken drops on top of all the other issues to boot. :confused:


Yeah no thanks

@Bremen1 if the patch makes the game playable for them, I’m sure a 2 week extension would be perfect to farm good weapons and annoints

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