Exterminator question

This title has to be like… completely undo-able unless your using the Marquis hack right?
“In Incursion, Destroy a sentry without taking damage, 25 times” I mean god damn… i cant think of how else to do it >.<

Oscar in the side tunnel with the turret is hard, but plausible.

Or, just do it fair?

You know: Ace their team and destory their turrets?

But no damage what so ever? Not one stray bullet from a opponent come on now that HAS to be up there as almost impossible. But even Marquis isnt a guarantee. all it takes is an opponent marquis to hit you and done. Or is the achievement no damage from PvE things (Turrets, minions, sentry )

When all said and done it’s gotta be the hardest in game to do

I tihnk it means ‘no damage from the turret’ or maybe ‘no health or shields missing’ Idunno, I’m about 5in and I’ve like, only played Whiskey in PvP.

I applaud your accidental achievement progress sir! :stuck_out_tongue: It would be nice if it was a bit clearer. Hope you get it soon!