External graphics box

I don’t know if this is the place or if anyone has this weird setup. I’ve got a sonnet external graphics box thunderbolt 3. Now it works in steam games by just choosing which gpu you want the executable to run on. The only thing that doesn’t work is borderlands 3 under the Epic Launcher. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I wonder if there is an unknown executable I have to link to the card or not. All my steam games run with just linking the game executable. Just wondering if there is 2 executable that I have to link. The box works great with build 1903 of windows 10. My laptop has a 1070 and I wanted to see if I could get this to work to keep the laptop longer. It works great except for this. If anyone may have an answer I would love to know.

I don’t have any experience, because I’m not kn your particular situation, but I’m assuming the odds are low that someone here is. As such, I’m trying to help with some google options. I have discovered that the Steam method is pretty straightforward. I think you might have to treat BL3 like a random app. Maybe try to look for this on either the Epic Launcher or the BL3 file?

Seeing the Epic Launcher in this image actually makes me think that’s what you’re going to do…

I’ve not dealt with an external gpu before but I can recommend you look under the nvidia control panel as I believe there is an option to select a preferred gpu by .exe there.

Thanks for replying. I’m probably going to try the steam method. Steam games run fine so it should to. I also noticed another borderlands3.exe file which is strange to have to in different spots under epic games

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I got it working I used the other borderlands.exe file. But my 5700xt is much slower than the onboard 1070 so I need to figure that out.

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I have a Radeon 5700 and each time they update I have to play a bunch before it gets back to being pretty good at running this. It’s a real weird situation because the card and cpu are great, but something about how this game runs makes it a crap shoot on how it’s gonna play.