External Hard Drive Freezes Game Temporarily [XBOX ONE]

I was curious if anyone else who uses an external hard drive on their Xbox One have experienced freezes on Borderlands 3 every 5 minutes or so? I just got my external hd working again and I’ve had this issue before. Basically, I’m just playing the game and then the game will freeze, almost seems like the game will crash, but then after about 10-20 seconds it resumes play. Each freeze is always 5 minutes apart and is accompanied by the external hd sounding like it’s winding up.

Most google searches just say the usual, move the game to the internal hd. But, the game is already installed on the internal hd… I’m pretty sure the last time this was happening, I moved it to the external hd and it happened less or instead of completely freezing for those few seconds every 5 minutes, it’d just have a little stutter every now and then.

There are power saving measures that most if not all USB 3 devices comply with allowing drives to spin down to save power. This game, in particular, is rather sensitive to drive polling (checking to see what devices are active or connected) and drive activity.

I have experienced it myself, but not to the degree you are experiencing.

I had better results with two choices - internal drive, or using an external SSD. And I turn off the external cabinet with two HDD. Just the Xbox polling that external drive cabinet will cause what you are describing (for me), but only once a half-hour to once in two hours.