External Hard Drives

So I’ve gotten to that point with my Xbone that I need to get an external hard drive so I don’t have to keep deleting old games off to make room for the new ones. I was looking on amazon and it seemed like the only things they had were by a company called Seagate but I don’t know if they are good or not. I was told that two things to look for are if it has it’s own power supply that plugs into the wall rather than pulling from the xbox itself and to make sure it has it’s own internal fan to avoid overheating but I don’t see anything on these amazon item descriptions that says if it has a fan or not. I don’t know a whole lot these things so if anyone has any advice on what to look for I would be really appreciative.

Seagate and Western Digital are the two dominant HDD makers today. Newer external HDDs just use one cable, so data to and power from the device your plugging it in. Also external hard drives really don’t have or need a fan since no extreme heat is generated.

Just check the internet beforehand if they’re Xbox compatible.
Here are some external hard drives I’d pick if you were going for about 1TB of storage.

Tip: dont buy electronics of Amazon.

I was actually looking for a 4 or 5 TB model since I didn’t wanna run out of space again in another year or so.

…what do you store on your xbox O_o


Right now not a whole lot, but I like trying different downloaded games from time to time (especially when they have free ones) and I can’t right now because of lack of space. Also I’m thinking long term, I don’t wanna have to get a new one every couple of years when the old one gets full. I would go larger but there seems to be a pretty significant price hike between the 5tb and 6tb models so I’m stopping at 5.

LaCie drives sucks.
Mine lasted year and a half.

Even if I install a major game like Destiny or The Witcher to the external and play off of that?

Yes, heat from an hard drive is just about 20-30°C.

Is it just Amazon that is bad or getting them online in general? Where would a good place be then?

It’s just Amazon and stores like it, I allways buy electronics and tech from dedicated stores/online stores.
That’s a preference thing though so if you want to do it then go ahead but I personaly wouldn’t.
As for a good online store I don’t really know any good not Swedish stores but I heard Newegg is a good place, never used it myself.

Uhh, Newegg. What a pain in the are is getting something from that store.

Dunno what with Sweden, but here is horrible.

Say thanks you don’t have that ■■■■ called MercadoLibre.

Like I said never used Newegg just heard good things about it.

In Sweden we got a store called inet and its a great online store, they even include a piece of candy in your order, but agian its only Sweden.

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