Extra Gear 4 You

Will be updated! Twitch: Ger_Pitt

Extra Gear:

Inindating Thunderball fist /
Speedloadn hellwalker/
Dastardly unforgiven
Caustic coast splatter Gun
Knife drain cosmic crater
Breath of the diying/
Ferocious infinity/
Kneel and heel re-charger
Crypto Stone victory Rush
Arctic tamed malaks bane/
Berzerker commander planetoid
Last stand Launch Pad
Ruthless lyuda/
Itchy the boring gun/
Bifucated tribal friend-bot
Casting coast pullout method
Teething prized rakk Commander
Growling reinforced bear trooper
Shield shredder whisky Tango foxtrot
Shocking AAA/
Loot expanding Commander planetoid
Rear ender cosmic carter
Venator man-eater bounty Hunter
Englufing faisor/
Tamed warlord/
Binary stark devoted/
Power Siphon Tran-Fusion frag Granade
Gouging de4deye
Firesale humangous Long musket++
Expert destructo Spinner
Gregorius tribal friend-bot
Packin devastator/
Singularity firestorm
Gauging marathon de4deye
Cloning hex
Venator man-eater bounty hunter
Developing conference call/
Ice breaker deathless
Fragmented vestigal dragon
Cocky flakker
Large firestorm
Antihero patched techspert
Ruthless lyuda
Redundant the butcher/
ICE spiker pull out method
Contact guardian big boom blaster
Rowans call
Rowans call
Blast prep nova Berner
Rowans call
Toxic revenger Otto idol
Engulfing super shreddifier/
Double penetration pneumatic laser-sploder/
Lucian call
Lucian call
Volatile phasezerker
…and more


Been looking for a shock recurring hex if you’ve got it to spare. GT is G1Hexatron, thanks.

I have a Shock hex.gt: Guardian of the Stars. But ist a normal one(no clone)

Can I get the Unleash the Dragon?
Psn: psDrEw66

Yes, have send you a FRiendrequest.

Ok, done

Are these anointed?

What elements does that one have?

Dastardly Maggie 551pts / for zane no Element

Cashinfused brainstormer/ 566pts/Not anointed/Shock

Abundant projectile Revision/536/ Not a/Shock and Fire

@pitusch I know it’s kind of a long list but anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. Looking for breath of the dying (rad), good fl4k amara or Zane mods, anointed crossroads (shock or rad), recurring hex (cryo rad or shock), good cryo/Zane guns, the companion

Ok. Add me on psn and join the game.
Psn: pitusch

Just added you waiting for you to accept it

Ok. Done

Out of curiosity what are the bonuses for the Deathless?

I’ll take stormfront and the fire flakker psn DoodleMyPoodle

+30% Granade dmg:/+ 27% Rad-Chance
/-30% schield-loading delay

I’ll take the trick unforgiven or dastardly whichever has higher crit modifier, I’ll send fr in a sec

Ok, done

Ok, Check your psn for FR

Alright thank you. I’m at work so I’ll have to accept it later

I accepted

Ok, done