Extra Gear for You - All out of stock

Closed for now. I am sure another one of these will pop up as soon as I am overloaded again

What system are you on? I may be able to help depending on the system you use.

I am on PS4

My psn tag TheDeathbybus if you want ro add me. Im doing legendary runs and have a ■■■■ ton of stuff in my vault to go over as well. We can hopefully get you the stuff for free. I dont need anything in return.

Just added you. I’m GuyIncognito84

Been getting some fantastic drops during the event, but just not quite what I am looking for. Any help is always appreciated

Bump, updated initial post with reduced request. Need this artifact to tie my build together!!

I’ll check tomorrow eve if I have a Snowdrift artifact left somewhere :sweat_smile:
I guess you need it Legendary ?

I do not. Epic is just fine. I need the specific two secondaries, and the snowdrift to not be a deathless, but that is about it

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Bump, come get some free gear

psn is Ice-T411, recurring hex and scourge w sntnl please

They are yours, I think you are already on my list

Thank you

hey, can i have this?
my psn: diabolick90

That one was just claimed. I do have an It’s Piss with the same anointment that is up on the block though

I am using recurring hex and i love it, but mine its not anointed. its ok, thx anyway

Just sent you a FR. Werent on my list, it appears

You lucked out. I have second. Sending you a FR now

Would like the lucians fire w sntnl if still available. Psn: EV1LSHAD0WS

Just sent the FR. The call is yous

Many thanks! :grin: