Extra/Hidden Dialogues

I was doing some PvE with @Phoenix-2613 & @Ashbweh the other day and I ended up getting quite surprised. Ash had to go AFK for a bit and ended up getting kicked mid-game. Naturally, me and Phoenix waited to proceed with the mission until he got back. And while waiting, we heard this;

How many pieces of extra/hidden dialogue are there like this in the various missions like this one? I had 50+ completions on The Experiment before this and have never heard it nor ever having anyone mentioning it to me.


Pretty sure I’ve heard that. I think it may be a timer thing?

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|| SECTION: 15_ToComms_1C

Deande [10]: Committed to their quest for knowledge, even now, on the verge of the end… how very “Eldrid” of them.

Mellka [20]: They’ve been at it for hundreds of thousands of years – maybe more. Why stop now?

Deande [30]: Well, we ARE on the verge of the end, as I mentioned.

Boldur [40]: Agggh! Mortal peril cannot stand in the way of Eldrid science!


edit: They probably intended for it to be played on your way over to the next objective, but the timers not short enough for most to activate it.


SirWalrus, always so late to hear dialogue.
What else have you not heard before >.>
Makes me wonder…
We can go on a PvE hunt for more :slight_smile:

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I wonder if it had anything to do with me playing Deande at the time, maybe it triggered some unique dialogue. IDK. :confused:

I miss most to be honest :sweat_smile:

I’d like that!

I was thinking along the same lines as @VaultHunter101, that it’s timed. And as @NatsumeRyu pointed out, it could potentially be because the timers are off mark. I suppose for Deande though it’s tricky considering she’s one of the main characters in the main story.

For some reason I didn’t save the clip, but I had another dialogue moment recently that I never knew was in place. If I recall it correctly it was Toby having a line or two on the Saboteur :thinking:


"|| SECTION: 06_UploadComplete_1E

Toby [10]: Upload complete! You okay in there, Nova?

Nova [20]: I’m better than okay, Toby. I am free.

Deande [30]: Now that Nova’s in the network, we’re ready to initiate the meltdown. Get moving to the reactor core."

This maybe…?

Edit 2;

I really should read everything first.

That said: I need to go through the Saboteur as Toby and Reyna now! :grin:

Don’t forget that you can get different dialogue at the same point in the story at certain locations, based on a random roll. EG the dialogue you get with Wolf on the way to the temple entrance.

Oh no, that example is actually one of the few ones that I know by heart changes. I have a hard time remembering sifferent dialogues in other missions though such as The Renegade and The Sentinel.

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