Extra Lives in Story Mode Nerfed?

Hey, not sure if it’s just me, but today I have been trying some new unlocked characters, and am noticing I am getting about 25% less extra lives. If this is a hidden nerf, it is a bad one, when playing a new character I myself need those extra lives, I usually die a lot solo. If they have been nerfed, please consider un-nerfing them. I need em.

You could also try to play a little more carefully, a lot of characters are quite squishy in the first levels. People have posted guides on how to play as different characters, maybe those could help you stay a live a little longer so that you don’t run out of lives :slight_smile:

Got lots in solo story last night - probably would have finished with 10 lives if I hadn’t been so darn reckless :frowning: My guess is that the contents of each box are all RNG-based with a lookup table to decide what each item is. So, you’d expect to get games with both more and less extra lives than “average”. And, you’ll get runs of "more’ and “less”, too.

Ok, thanks. Yeah I may have to look up some guides. Hoping it is just RNG though. I know they said micro patches happened on Thursdays, so last night we may not have seen the change yet, hopefully I’m just wrong. I’m about an average skilled player, so yeah they come in handy at times, lol.

Definitely RNG.
On back to back runs with Thorn on the Fourth Mission last night I ended up with fully TWICE the Extra Lives.
It looks to me that there are a certain number of Extra Lives hard wired into each Level with several other Chests having a random chance of getting an Extra Life show up.
So probably just a string of bad luck.