Extra Point : put in Desperate Measures or Phalanx Doctrine

So I have just enough points to unlock Deperate Measures . I have a 1hp deathless build so assume it I’m always getting the full benefit of that skill all the time.

I have two of the same class mod: one that adds 3 points to Depserste Measures (3/3) and 1 to Phalanx 2/5), and another mod that adds 1 to desperate measures (so I can get up to 2/3) but 3 points to Pahalanx (3/5)

Which is better ? Difference in desperate measures 1 point is 33% gun damage to 50% gun damage (so 17% more damage all the time ?), but with extra point in pahalmx I get 3% extra damage and shields per stack(compared to 2 points in phalanx)

So kind of conflicted

The +3 Desperate Measures mod lets you have 100% gun damage bonus all the time if you have 1hp.
To outperform that with Phalanx Doctrine, you need to consistently to be able to maintain six stacks of Phalanx Doctrine, and that means you will also do less damage to the first five enemies you attack.

In my experience, there are not a lot of situations where you maintain that many stacks and they will disappear 30 seconds after you get the first one, which makes them far less reliable. My recommendation would be +3 Desperate Measures.

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I keep around 10 purple and 4 legs class mods in my backpack and swap as required depending on mayhem rolls and weapons i want to use. Also you never know down the line when something might get changed and you wish you had kept them all.
My basic approach is : If i’m killing fast and surviving i use which ever gives the most damage and look for + weapon damage / + gun type damage and if i need to look at boosting skills over damage then hope i have one with either + weapon / + gun and also has the skill boost i need.

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