Extra Projectiles

I am kinda sad about a loss of this feature. Extra projectiles was a fun mechanic. That was like extra reward for extra efforts. You need to farm gear to make this happen. And Amara, as a master of elements, always can get a few more elemental projectiles. NOT A BUG, A FEATURE!
If we want less reliance on extra projectiles, lets make viable alternatives. Like terror shield/grenade anointments, etc. Something that will give us powerful abilities. Abilities! because extra projectiles were about enhansing our abilities, which in return gave us more dmage. Like, more ammo return, more crits, more ricochets, and some for Zane? Not sure about what benefits Zane has from an extra projectiles :slight_smile:
Imagine every element of your kit as a separate entity, not interacting with each other. Want to become more powerful - get more or better elements. This works, but boring. Imagine, if all of your kit is intertwined. You just have to get something, that unlocks that potential, that makes all of your kit to work in synergy as one powerful system. Isn’t it why we have an anointments? And mechanics, like extra projectiles, works the same way.
And it was essential for, like, a dozen guns. Projectiles make them perform well. And it was looking like a magic! It was really welcome interaction. Just up the damage of this guns, you say? Yes, it will make them good, but would not make them fun! Maybe it would be fun for a few kills. But then? What am i? A WW2 grunt or cool Sci-Fi spacetech/magic hero?
Loosing fun things - unhealthy, cause this game is all about a fun!

TL, DR: Extra projectiles was a feature, that made our skills to work better in synergy with guns. Things working in synergy - awesom feeling! Projectiles - fun, need MOARR fun!

P.S. It is a shame that Recursion bounces only 4 times now. Projectile Recursion? More like Projectile for a while.


Can you imagine if GB sold cars? Just as soon as you started to get used to enjoy the air conditioning in it, GB would come take the AC out of the car and tell you roll down the windows instead while pitching it like its some sort of upgrade. In the meantime we’d have K6 on youtube telling us that it feels great with the windows rolled down …


Yeah, gonna take a break from farming seriously for a while until this is fixed. Just going to work on achievements with Zane, I reckon. As stated, he doesn’t really need the extra projectiles, just guns that shoot fast.


A “feature” that was benefitting some VHs more than others (bearing in mind Amara has basically never been weak) is not a very good feature. It makes balancing the classes more difficult.

Recursion doesn’t have to be infinite to count as recursion. Signed, a programmer with an unfortunate amount of time with recursion :smile:

If they sold cars, they would be in a different business, and would have a difference business model. They sell games. Games get patched.


This just in: certain kinds of gear are better suited to certain characters. More at 11.



If they sold cars they’d already be out of business.

The whole point went right over your head …

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Pretty much blame amara.games balanced around her.

Rest of rhe vaukt.hunters have to take the hit…

As compensation if u dodnt realize… U shoot 10.mils.ur ricochets do bils… At m10

Amara is rediculous


What bothers me is that by fixing an obviously op interaction they severely nerfed a whole category that was pretty much in a good balance using it: Jakobs weapons.
From the simple shotgun to the legendary pistol, having so few ricochets spawn has rendered these weapons at least 25% less effective (I’m no number cruncher, it’s a very approximate value), especially on Fl4k, that relied on it for head count…
They should compensate someway…


It is ok. Every VH should have their unique powerful features. Moze has awesome synergies with splash weapons. Amara has top-notch synergy with multiple projectiles. Zane is like a race car that could go faster when it goes faster. Flak is preying on crits. Extra projectiles benefit for everyone. Amara can make it happen with less effort, but anyone, but Zane, would get HUGE benefits from it.

I’d probably be more upset about it if I’d ever noticed it.

Yeah, whole Jacobs family and a Call weapons are a bit less satisfying now.

boo hoo

@Tramonto - this was for performance, not specifically for nerfing the interaction itself. They’ve said they’re going to be evaluating affected weapons for performance going forwards.

@akosmynin - then Amara needs something for herself. Not something that affects all VHs in greater or lesser ways. Skill synergies - not base game mechanical exploits.

Remember, this was done for performance, and not for any other reason. It’s not that they removed additional projectiles full stop - it’s that they stopped the exploit of an elemental type spawning more projectiles on top.

And you missed mine, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it :smile:


All well and good but if you’re on XBone playing with an Amara w/Recursion…you won’t be for long.

Feature, perk, bonus, whatever…it was one more thing crashing games and needed to be fixed.

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Yeah, this is important.

I HAD a build on Fl4k that could do the same thing. Yes Amara was up there but it’s not just her that is effected by this. His build would send enemies off the map! This is stupid farming and farming to make a build for nothing.

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yeah before the update when I duo’d with my brother, we actually had to restrict our loadouts b/c of extra projectiles crashing the game. Only one player at a time could use Brainstormer/Reflux, Dictator/Monarch, and Recursion was off-limits.

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Tbh I’m in favour of scrapping it, even though I’m Amara main and my favourite weapon, the Wedding Invitation, is one of the weapons hurt most by this. But truth be told, it was broken. Wedding pulverising everything it hits and Recursion deleting the entire area while crashing your system shouldn’t be a thing with +10,000% enemy HP.

Yeah, entire builds were centred on this mechanic (notably Ricochet Witch), but in the end they were builds exploiting some broken mechanic.

Now to be fair, of course other things need to be corrected too, we now have insane scaling on Iron Bear and Clone and Ties That Bind. To really rebalance things they’d have to start from scratch at this point, and that’s not gonna happen. Which of course makes removing bonus ricochets only one of many problems that need fixing, and fixing only one of them is not enough.

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i feel like they didnt figure out how to make ase element without create a new projectile lol and now they just find a excuse to remove it because they finally figure it out lol

And now u wouldn’t even considere recursion or brainstormer / reflux into your loadout and hey ! thats also a way to fix the issue