Extra Rakk Attack charges?

hi guys, i’ve a question about a build here…
im playing fl4ck, with the “rakk attack” build skill.

so, this build has 2 rakk charges when equiped…
i’ve equiped the following:

  • the skill rakkcelerate
    +1 skill charge.
  • legendary submachine anointed “breath of the dying”
    +1 rakk charge.
  • epic anointed shield: health double- time shield
    +1 rakk charge.

so in totally, i’ve now a build with 5 rakk charges when you sum those.
but when i look on my hud, i have only 4… is this a bug, or am i missing something?breath%20of%20the%20dying health%20double%20time%20shield hud

i’ve heard the anointment does not stack

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sadly anointed doesnt stack

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I don’t know about the anointment stacking thing, but shields are buggy to begin with. I typically only get the extra charge from shield when entering a zone - after I use it, it never came back.

At least on the guns I’m able to weapon swap and get the charge back that way.

well that anointed dont stack, sucks… you could make a nice rakk build. thnks anyways guys.

You still can, even with 3 you have them pretty much always ready to go, 4 is crazy.

Rakk builds can be great.

sure, with the new patch the rakk build is pretty good tho. im now using the rakk build after playing a while with fade away. (i must confess, sometimes im switching back to fade away when i meet bosses:rofl::joy:

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Thats kinda the way the game was design, they let us swap skills and augments so we could adapt to situations. Somethings work better for mobs, somethings work better for single enemies.

A build that can use multiple skills/augments is a good build.

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your right, clearly a bug on shields…

I’ve also noticed that my action skill recharge rate was much slower using one of those extra rakk charge annointed items and I don’t know why.

agreed. i like to use rakk builds mainly, but for bosses i cant deny the fade away dps is so good. i wanna use gamma burst more but cant find a good use for it since its main thing seems to be crowd control. even then the pets cant seem to take a hit in mayhem mode