Extra Skill Tree Thought Activity

If the development team added one more skill tree to each hunter, what playstyle should it be made for?
I think moze or zane with a healer/medic skill tree would be interesting

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A melee build for Fl4k with synergy with his pet own attack.

For Zane, I see them doing something Clap Trapy with an ability that will grant him a random, timed bonus, which grant a huge buff to one type of element or weapon, and different buff in the tree to make it a real “adapt to the circumstances” tree

Amara is a tough bird cause her tree are already pretty balanced and cover everything (hence why she’s considered the best VH right now in term of design)

For Moze I’d say a tree that rely around improving accuracy and damage for short burst, in an opposit fashion to her bottemless mag tree

I like it, for amara, what about a skill tree where she punches the health into teammates

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For Zane, whatever the fourth tree is it shouldn’t have an additional Action Skill. But it should have augments that can be equipped to his grenade slot.

For Amara, I’m most interested in having a fourth element available.

A dream capstone for me on Moze would be infinite Iron Bear fuel. And some sort of riot shield for IB to equip might be interesting.

Here’s a link to the thoughts I had on additional skill trees. Didn’t generate much discussion/feedback though…

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Explosive punches?

My vote is Cryo

My suggestion would be to enable elemental damage to Iron Bear to be converted to fuel. I don’t like the idea of endless but it would mitigate damage in the process making it useful.

Maybe Moze’s skill tree could make IB into an ammo reserve for coop, so if other players stand close enough, they gain infinite ammo for a short time. Add that to Security Bear and Auto Bear, and the synergy results in a (occasionally) shielded machine gun nest topped by a giant turret.

Explosive is no longer an element, but if it were I’d say Hell yeah.

Fun thread.


  • A melee tree because Cryo and melee synergy
  • Maybe a melee override that applies a powerful Cryo DOT and has a high chance of freezing enemies
  • Idk what kind of action skill would fit thematically. Some kind guard/counter? It’s kind of like C0unter Strike, but it’s an active and has charges like Rakk Attack!


  • A reload and health regen tree because those are some lacking areas
  • A skill that gives Moze and team increased reload speed when near IB/AB
  • A capstone that allows IB to apply the effects of Slam Artifacts
  • IB augments that create minefields


  • A splash damage/grenade tree because reasons
  • So skags in these game can catch your thrown grenades and bring them back to you. FL4K should be able to throw a grenade in the general direction of the pet, giving them a decent movement speed and damage reduction boost, and they carry that grenade to deal even more damage.
  • A capstone that allows your pet to create elemental novas when taking damage


  • Idk. A support tree?
  • A capstone that grant brief bonuses Amara and twice as much to allies when Amara activates her action skills: Phaseslam grants a temporary shield (damage does not stop player shield regen), Phasecast grants fire rate and critical damage, and Phasegrasp grants reload speed and movespeed.

I’d definitely like Radiation and Cryo action skill elements for Amara

A hypermobile Iron bear with extra speed, long dashes, shoulderbashing, doublejumps, more powerful slams, a shotgun and a chainsword, which has an augment to block damage. Perhaps let Iron Bear get eridian relic effects too. Slam relics might finally get interesting. If you could do self damage, you could also do interesting stuff with Elemental projector+Desperate measures.

Fl4k, Enhanced Robotics Tree.

Pets: Varkid (w/ robotic wings) Varients: Ramming, Spraying, Elemental
Tier 1:+10% Melee Dmg
Tier 2: +10% Melee Dmg, +5% Bonus Corrosive Damage to weapon
Tier 3: +10% Melee Dmg, +10% Action Skill Damage

Tier One:
Enhanced Targetting: 5% Crit Damage per point, max 3/3 (5% crit dmg for pet per)
Buff Bot: 20% Melee Damage per point, max 5/5 (pet 5% dmg per)
Augmented Legs: 5% Movement Speed and slide speed per point, max 3/3 (maybe jump enhancement to make slam engage?)

Tier Two:
Kill Switch: Increase Gun dmg, Reload and fire rate by 3% per point, max 5/5 (pet 3% dmg per)
Nuclear Battery Charger: Shield Recharge Delay Decreased by 10% adds 5% bonus Radiation dmg to weapon per point, max 3/3
Crossed Wires: While Action Skill is active Fl4k and his pet return 6% per point of elemental damage to attackers, Max 5/5

Tier Three:
Heavy Metal: Fl4k and Pet bonus: Damage Reduction 10%, additional 10% reduction to radiation dmg, max 1/1
Cooling Systems: AS cooldown by 10% per point, max 3/3 (pet respawn decreased by 15% per point)
Power Reserves: Fl4k and Pet bonus: Adds 10% HP and 3% health regen, lower health, the greater the bonus, max 1/1

Tier Four:
Enhanced Enhancement: All Enhanced Robotics skill effects +10% per point, max 3/3
Switch Hitter: Hunter Skill: After every successful melee attack, FL4k gains stacks of Switch Hitter, this effect can stack 3 times, stacks decay over time. (Gun DMG: 2% per point) (Melee DMG: 4% per point) max 5/5 (pet 3% dmg per point)

Tier Five:
Double Tap Trigger Finger: Every 6th shot adds 100% dmg (decrease to 5th, 4rd, and 2nd per point) max 5/5
Haywire Hay Ride: Hunter Kill Skill: When Fl4k Kills an enemy, Melee attack speed is increased by 30% for a short time 1/1

Self Destruct Protocol: Upon shield break and FFYL, releases a radiation nova that damages and radiates enemies. If an enemy is killed in this manner, instantly refill shields and health, same with a second wind and gets a gun damage bonus of 25% and melee bonus of 100% for a few seconds.

Action Skill: Overcharged Underhand.
Fl4k punches an enemy doing massive radiation and corrosive damage. Fl4k’s abilities are increased for a short time after. Gun damage, Movement Speed, Reload Speed, and Fire Rate are increased by 10% for a short time.
Modifier 1: Power Arms: Melee damage is Increased 150% and melee attack speed by 20% for a short time as well.
Modifier 2: All the elements: Adds shock/fire/cryo damage to initial punch.
Modifier 3: Sick Throw: 10% Rad dmg and 10% corrosive dmg added to melee and gun dmg for duration.
Modifier 4: WD-4D: Increases bonuses to Overcharged Underhand an additional 10%. (Up to 20%)

Moze could use a tree that boosts survivability for her and Iron Bear. Weapons could be combat shotguns with a weapon further down that swaps one arm for a shield, or turning both arms into a combined super health shield that your teammates can fire out off.

Shotgun could start out as fire, and augments can include a corrosive slug or full auto radiation for less damage per shot.

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For Fl4k, I for sure would like a saurian pet no matter what the actual tree does.

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Your varkid - what passive boons for barbaric yawp?

faster movement speed or maybe even flight

I dunno man, I need a Action Skill picked too! I had time this morning at work and where the damage boosts seem underwhelming, they should synergize with the other trees well as well as help a melee Fl4k build I see posters trying to come up with.

I think tier one pet would be: +10% Melee Dmg
Tier 2: +10% Melee Dmg, +5% Bonus Corrosive Damage to weapon
Tier 3: +10% Melee Dmg, +10% Action Skill Damage

what about a melee action skill?

A 4th skill tree?


On Moze. A tree boosting and providing radiation damage that also contains a new option or 2 for health/shield regen. Action skill options would add lasers as a weapon choice for IB that can later irradiate enemies directly and change the firing mode to the variants we seen in TPS or cause IB to generate a DoT field around it causing radiation damage.

A melee tree that adds a Stalker from BL2 as a pet? Tree would have boosts to melee and melee augments with a few added survival options. Action skill could enable a special melee override attack that could be used repeatedly until the duration of the skill wears off.

Zane and Amara I haven’t gotten around to capping and messing around in endgame yet.