Extra Skins/Heads to Give Away

(Dusten3781) #1

I have the following heads/skins to give away to anyone that wants them. Gamertag TimingCrib77

Black as Day (Psycho Skin/Assassins) 2

Black is Back (Gunzerker Skin/Assassins) 2

Black Ops (Commando Skin/Assassins)

I Don’t Wanna Explode (Gunzerker Skin/King Mong)

Stonewashed (Gunzerker Skin/Threshers) 4

Why does it say Angle (Psycho Skin/Saturn)

Harmonious (Assassin Skin/Dukino’s Mom)

Don’t tell me what I Cyan’t Do (Gunzerker Skin/Dukino’s Mom)

Whiteout (Assassin Skin/Threshers)

You Bastard (Psycho Skin/Threshers)

Gold Standard (Gunzerker Skin/Saturn)

Everything is Fine (Psycho Skin/Terramorphous) 4

Lavender but not Brown (Gunzerker Skin/Terramorphous) 4

The Pink Panzer (Commando Skin/Terramorphous)

Blacklight (Gunzerker Skin/Vermivorous) 2

Don’t Sniff my Nipples (Psycho Skin/Vermivorous)

Hell of an Underbite (Psycho Head/Terramorphous) 4

XXX (Mechromancer Head/Terramorphous)

Boatmurderer (Gunzerker Head/Terramorphous) 5

Superduperfly (Gunzerker Head/Vermivorous)