Extra Skins/Heads to Give Away

I have the following heads/skins to give away to anyone that wants them. Gamertag TimingCrib77

Black as Day (Psycho Skin/Assassins)

Black is Back (Gunzerker Skin/Assassins)

Black Ops (Commando Skin/Assassins)

I Don’t Wanna Explode (Gunzerker Skin/King Mong)

Stonewashed (Gunzerker Skin/Threshers)

Harmonious (Assassin Skin/Dukino’s Mom)

Don’t tell me what I Cyan’t Do (Gunzerker Skin/Dukino’s Mom)

Whiteout (Assassin Skin/Threshers)

Everything is Fine (Psycho Skin/Terramorphous)

Lavender but not Brown (Gunzerker Skin/Terramorphous)

The Pink Panzer (Commando Skin/Terramorphous)

Any of these still available?

I will check and try to update the list for what I still have.

List is current now. Let me know if you need any of those.

I’ll add you, are you free now?

GT: AdmiralThickums

Looking for the 2 heads and the Saturn Zerker Skin.

Do you still have your commando skins?

Yeah, I’ve still got those 2 skins. Message me on Xbox if you still want them.

Do you have anything left for commando?

is there still any skins left of no???

I recently found a couple of spare Commando skins/heads - anything particular you are looking for?

vaulthunter101 im looking for anything

OK Here’s what I’ve got:

Item Type Rarity Character
Sandblaster Head blue Commando
Fragger Head purple Mechromancer
Nihilism Head purple Assassin
DOUBLE SUPLEX TIME Head purple Psycho
Special Edition: Snowblind Head purple Commando
MY PANTS HAVE DOTS Skin blue Psycho
Tin Soldier Skin blue Commando
Midnight Sky Skin green Commando
LEAVE NO MAN UNEATEN Skin green Psycho
Special EditionL Fired Up Skin purple Commando
Red Letter Day Skin purple commando
Jakobs Old-Fashioned Skin white siren

All legit - the Special Edition ones are extras that showed up in my inventory when I started a Boosted Axton with the new DLC. What’s your GT? I’ll be on-line for the next few hours.

I have a bunch of heads/skins. unfortunately I don’t know which ones I have only that I have a lot. The only thing I can do would be to invite you to a game drop all I have , then you can go through and take what you don’t have the rest I’ll pick back up for someone else that may need them