Extracted items from arms race are hidden in my Bank

I got a tizzy, a teddy and a hot spring to drop so I extracted them (I also accidentally put a green gun in as well), but they are not in my Bank. Comically enough the green gun was in my Bank, but now it says 400/400 with three blank spaces at the bottom.

Was finally lucky enough to get a tizzy and now I am missing 3 slots in my Bank.

Help please.

Edit: i guess this issue isn’t worth looking at. I have had to make a ticket with 2k supprt. Which literally gave me the “check game integrity through steam and if that doesn’t work reinstall”.

Manged to fix it by pulling the profile file out and letting the game rebuild it. It pulled from some form of a backup which had the correct inventory for the bank, but this has happened a few times to me. It specifally only happens if your bank is full. I have also crashed the game when accessing an extraction point. I have also had a lot of issues with the safe zone not being safe from the murdercane. The murdercane circle clearly goes well inside the safe zone (usually just enough so i’m not safe grabing a chest). This mode is really buggy.

I wish there was a separate machine you accessed in sanctuary to grab your extracted items (make it so you can only pull items from it).