Extracting mission backgrounds

Is there plans to create a tool that allows you to extract the mission background from the files? In HW1/HW Cataclysm, the tool was BTG, which allowed you to load up BTG files (BTG files was the file type used for the backgrounds in the missions) after they’d been extracted from the Big file using BigViewer.

HW2 used another program, although I can’t remember what it was. It might’ve been CFHodEd or something like that.

It would be useful if such a tool was available. If not, then instructions on how to extract the backgrounds for exporting to an image file format (jpg, png etc) would be useful as well. :smile:

@BitVenom (should really remember to add the tag lol)

CFHodEd, v4 at least, could open HW2 backgrounds and export textures from them, though not perfectly. Extracting textures from hods is, alas, something that Gearbox has said they have no intention of supporting, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Yeah, sometimes weird lines would appear across the background. It would be nice if Gearbox would let us extract backgrounds using a specific tool (akin to the BTG tool), but if they don’t wish to do that, that’s fine I guess. No doubt a tool will be developed by the community for such a purpose anyway.