Extreme Difficulty?

So, have being doing Lore challenges and all that as long as I can find matches…
got the finish in advance difficulty, but saw on the achivement departemt there is 1 achivement that im not sure what it means.

Its in spanish, and it say pretty much “finish all the missions in Extreme difficulty”…

Does this mean “Hardcore”?
also… does it mean just hardcore with out mixing it with advance?

also, take a picture for the issues.

also… what is really the use of Rath right click?
do more damage than one of the normal hits or something?

Yes it is indeed asking you to finish all the story missions on hardcore, But it doesn’t matter if it’s Normal or Advanced.

I would imagine that if you’ve already finished the achievement for advanced difficulty, then the ‘extreme’ mode you have remaining would be hardcore. So yes.

When I was going for the achievements myself, I believe I did hardcore separate to advanced and was still awarded the trophy. So no, I don’t believe you have to run both modes at the same time.

It has an area damage.

It also does +50% bonus damage to shields, making it have higher DPS than his primary on shields.