Extreme frustration on Xbox One Coop Co-op not connection

So I have logged this issue with tech support and they have been rather unhelpful and have also said this is a common problem. So I spent about 10 minutes looking for coop connection issue threads and didn’t find much if any.

Here is the deal, ever since the crappy win10 xbox live update, I cannot connect to my 2 friend’s games. whereas before it never failed. now it just wont connect. We go through all the poor customer service support answers (direct answer pasted below (:point_down:) of resetting game and xbox cache, signing out/in of xbox live, resetting router, opening numerous ports, etc.

Nothing works! Anyone have any tricks to getting connected to friends?

CS troubleshooting answers:
First, could you please try setting the in game options from “ONLINE” to “OFFLINE” and back to “ONLINE”, this usually resolves this issue temporarily! If that did not work, let’s try clearing the cache on your Xbox One:

  1. Power down your XB1 completely.
  2. Disconnect your XB1 from power
  3. Plug your XB1 back into power
  4. Power up your XB1
  5. Sign into your Gamertag
    Finally, if the issue persists, let’s try the following network troubleshooting steps:
  6. Ensure that all players have obtained the latest update
  7. Check all the physical devices on your network to ensure they are plugged in and powered on.
  8. Perform a connection test on each device connected to the network.

all my buddies and I did is exit the game, hit the start button (or menue button, or whatever it’s called now) then quit the game.

once that was done, we started up again and let one person send out invites. sorry if this isn’t helpful, but that’s how we fixed a connection issue. no hard reboot or anything.

I was having same problem. Don’t know if was what was wrong or coincidence but I changed my dns settings in my network. Had the Google dns before and set it to automatic. It worked after.

The NAT setting on XBox One should be set to OPEN. Some players may not know their NAT setting.

This is the same problem I keep encountering, I used to be able to just Quit the Game from Home and restart it up and hop in, however now the only way I am able to do so is if the player I want to join quits whatever mission they are in and returns to Concordia, then 9/10 it lets me join, otherwise not. I really don’t understand the problem, if we are both playing co op and have the same DLC and are at the same point in the game, why should we have to return to Concordia to join a co op game.

It isn’t a network issue as anyone from Technical Support will try to tell you, or a Console issue, it is a Borderlands issue. I can play any other co op game before and after said problem and it works fine, it is strictly confined to Borderlands THC. It’s broken and they refuse to acknowledge the problems.

how do you change this for the ONE? I can only find 360 how tos.

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Agreed there 100%. My friend and I both logged the issue and we got two completely lame responses all shirking the issue. Quitting the game used to work, now it doesn’t.

My NAT type is set to open and it won’t let me select public in the network settings of BL2 or BL TPS

I was able to figure it out. Quite simple really. and my friends and I connected quite easily last night. Wonder how come their support isn’t aware of this fix.

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Great. You would probably have to escalate a CR call to the next level to get someone who knows about networks / NATs.

On that one, I would contact GBX Support:

Already did and I am waiting for a response

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To add to this, both of us can join another (new) players game, but can’t join each others.

Could contact XBox One support: