Extreme graphical errors prevent playing

Hi everyone!

After the release of the winter update, me and my friend decided to play Battleborn again after a long time but… well… my friend is experiencing some rather interesting graphical errors. He is using the lenovo 500 laptop.
Edit: I forgot to mention: He already tried the basic stuff, Reinstalling the game completely and verifying game files. None of these helped.
Here are some pics:



He wanted to try out Marquis but… oh well:

Some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

did he change anything in config files?

I remember my friend having some issues after doing that

Is this a new development or did he have issues like that before the update? The GPU in a Lenovo 500 isn’t exactly a powerhouse, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the laptop struggled with the game.

It’s a fresh install, he didn’t fiddle around with the config files.

These errors just occured, they haven’t happened before. One thing that’s noteworthy is that his Lenovo is brand new and this is the first time he tried playing Battleborn on it. Maybe it’s just the computer then? :no_mouth:

Might be. Maybe Bb can’t deal well with onboard memory (GPU and CPU share the same memory on laptops).

Not only is the memory probably throttled, but the GPU in it is rather weak. It doesn’t have a lot processing power, and it’s AMD. Gearbox’s games are notorious for being hit or miss with AMD cards.

I would say the laptop isn’t suited to playing Battleborn.

Aw, shucks. Well, thanks for the replies everyone!

I am Trevor :wink:
Nice bugs if I may say. I had recently only fake command menu notifications, and just before update a permanent player view wcreen, but no that kind of comical reliefs. Does anything follow those glitches, like low framerate, disconnect or crash? If the game actually works for that laptop, this may be the external couse like corrupted video driver, system error or memory leaks…

BTW Did your friend filed support ticket for this?

As far as I know the game worked well, only that the graphics were all messed up. My friend didn’t file a support ticket, because he’s only using the laptop temporalily while he’s away from his main computer. So all hope is not lost. :sweat_smile:

We actually got a couple of good laughs out of the fact that everyone was a Ghalt.