Extreme Healthgating Axton Build

Type: (Tank)
Name: Extreme Healthgating Axton
Level of build: (OP8)
Specific gear needed: Sure, and you’ll even need a specific spec
Difficulty Level: Invincibility

I do not claim to have invented this build. However, I made the healthgates/sec go from 50 times (originally) to 1383 times per second.

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How does it work?

To reach this point, Axton has to possess the right combination of shield parts, COM parts, in addition of COM level, and skills. In fact, having a skill increasing max health while the max health is negative will lower the Commando’s health, the formula being:

Max Health= (80x1,13^(level)+Shield effect)*(1+max health bonuses in %)+COM Health

First, from level 72 to op8, the base health is 530564.
Then an OP8 white turtle shield with two Bandit parts and a Maliwan capacitor has a penalty of -614967 max HP.
So Axton is at -84403 HP, but with a lvl 72 pointman COM with an a5b1 configuration (it’s kind of parts on COMs, the a controls the health regen and the b controls the max hp on this one), he can have a bonus of 111419.

Although this might seem too much health, with a 32% health bonus, we can finally lower the amount to 6 HP along with a health regeneration rate of 4148,7 per second.

Do not forget to spec into healthy, forbearance and/or ranger to reach 32% max health bonus.

*Note: This might also work with a Legendary Pointman COM, but the DPS would be lower, because able, grit and healthy do not need a +5 buff and you would not get pressure at 11/5.


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-> Commando Master List: Build Collection


Hey dude. PH may have removed it, but I need a build spec to put this into the master build list. You can fill out this form and post a link here. Note that the UCP is only available for the PC and not consoles. Thanks.

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The only spec you need is healthy and forbearance to reach that +32%, so here it is:
The point being it is should be possible to swap it for a more damaging build when needed and vice versa.
However, I noticed you cannot regenerate while taking damage: a DOT of three per second is kind of dangerous.

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I have 10% max health in my badass rank but I’m stupid so didn’t realise this and I ended up using this setup without paying attention and it took me 30 mins of dying to actually realise why :joy:

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With the new level cap increase, I think it is relevant to share the method used to create this build, This way, it can be adapted to any situation. Here is a link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pR7wbCqQOcVnR2x4NQLj-97zaTuRLFhY51Vn58iZEJY/edit?usp=sharing
Also it could work with other max health bonuses if you couple the right shield to it. To use the spreadsheet, copy it first, then you can do what you want. The Com Stats work for Survivor (Zer0), Pointman and Legendary Pointman (Axton). It might work with other character’s COMs having constant health regen, but you will need to change the equations and it will be harder to find a decent shield (but not impossible) without the Max HP bonus. Please post if you have something to say! :slight_smile:

Not sure if reviving this thread is better than creating a new topic, but here goes.

I have been trying to find an Extreme Healthgate build for Axton at Lv80/OP10 but no luck. I’ve tried a lot of different item part/level/HP boost combos but came up empty. The spreadsheet above also doesn’t make sense to me (the recommended Turtle shield wouldn’t even lower the HP enough without the HP boost from the COM and I dunno how its supposed to be used).

Anyone still roaming this forum know what combo to use?

Edit: Well, I found some answers. Feeling stupid I missed the 2 HP Healthgate thread on the General Discussion that was literally Axton. Anyways, also found this when I searched Maya Extreme Healthgate OP10, which has the set-up for all VHs:

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