Extremely long PvP queue times on PC in Australia, affecting my friend's queue times when I play with them

My download region in steam is set to NSW, Australia. I live in VIC, but the general consensus is that everyone in Australia has their download region set to NSW. I have tried NSW, QLD, VIC with no noticeable difference in queue times. I have moderate NAT type (1.0.1) and I am connected to my modem via a Powerline Adapter, but have also tried changing to Wi-Fi just in case. I have no issues with any other online game.

I mainly play Incursion. I’m trying to queue at what should be peak times (Saturdays or weekdays after 5pm AEST) and getting queue times of 30 mins or more, when my friend’s seem to get games faster. It’s gotten to the point where they do not want to queue with me because I end up making the queue time longer (or so we believe). I have tried queuing as a 2 man, 3 man, 4 man, 5 man, nothing changes. I always though that Incursion was the most popular game mode and never used to have issues until the matchmaking changes. I can get quicker queues for Meltdown sometimes, but I don’t really enjoy that mode and the difference in queue time is negligible. Are there any stats as to the volume of players for each gamemode?

Is it that the hidden ELO that GBX confirmed existed possibly too strict for matchmaking? I have around 75% winrate. But as I said, this was not an issue before the matchmaking “fix”

if it’s simply server population, I think that GBX should stop relying on Steam’s download location for matchmaking and expand the area for matchmaking, I don’t mind slightly higher ping if it means I can play the game I paid through the teeth for due to “Australian Tax”

Does anyone have any ideas on what could cause this, other than a matchmaking issue?